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Fun and interesting coffee facts to jumpstart your day

Fun and interesting coffee facts to jumpstart your day

All the caffeine lovers would agree that coffee has the power to uplift your mood for the entire day. From the perfect Starbucks brew to an aromatic cup from office coffee machines – coffee enthusiasts love them all! They believe that coffee makes the day more bearable and gives them the required boost to kick-start the day. So it is only fitting that this powerful little bean has many interesting characteristics to make your day a lot better:

  1. Did you know that sixteenth-century Muslim rulers banned coffee because of its stimulating effects? So did sixteenth-century Italian clergymen, and some leaders in Mecca. Thank goodness we live in the twenty-first century!
  2. What’s your favourite brew, cappuccino or espresso? There are interesting stories behind the origin of these names. Cappuccino gets its name from the Capuchin monks, friars within the Catholic Church since the colour of the drink resembles the brown cowls worn by them. As for espresso, it means “forced out” in Italian. What does it force out? Energy, of course!
  3. How can we talk about coffee facts without breaking down the word itself? The word ‘coffee’ itself comes from ‘qahwah’, the Arabic word for wine, which changed to ‘kahveh’ in Turkish and then became ‘koffie’ in Dutch. From this comes the English ‘coffee’.
  4. The current Guinness World Record for the largest cup of coffee ever is held by a 9-foot tall cup, which contained 3487 gallons of coffee and earned the record in 2012.
  5. All coffee lovers would feel right at home in Finland, which houses the biggest coffee lovers! The average adult Finn consumes around 27.5 pounds of coffee a year, which is more than double the amount that even Americans consume.
  6. The 1932 Brazilian Olympics athletes were helped by coffee, and not in the way you think. Brazil could not afford to send its athletes to the event that was taking place in Los Angeles, so the government sent them in a ship full of coffee, which was sold along the way to finance the trip.
  7. The most expensive coffee in the world is called Kopi Luwak and it sells for £350 per kilogram. And it comes from the beans digested and excreted by the Asian Palm Civet cat!
  8. To finish our list of coffee facts, here are some encouraging research findings regarding the health benefits of coffee. Moderate coffee consumption is linked to a longer lifespan and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Plus, did you know that the leftover ground beans are great exfoliators and make the skin feel smooth and look brighter?

Along with being a go-to beverage, coffee is the perfect time-out for the hard-working employees looking for that refreshing break to recharge their mind!

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