Drink Brood One Tap

One Tap Nitro V2PX

It's an exciting new way to serve coffee to your customers, even non-coffee lovers who find the taste of hot coffee bitter and harsh can be treated by infusing homemade syrups like an orange or a cinnamon in a cold brew and have them taste the delicious blend served on nitro!
The Nitro V2PX™ makes nitro cold brew fun and handy, so get creative with your recipes and start pouring them out as soon as possible.
Now you can serve a cold brew on demand from a single nitro tap throughout the course of the day in your café.

Compact and versatile, the Nitro V2PX™ features:

  • no kegs

  • no fridge

  • no gas cylinders

  • no installations

It draws cold brew coffee from any container, keg, or bag in box; chills it to 2°C, and infuses it with nitrogen extracted from the air.

Drink brood Nitro single Tap
  • Dispenses both nitro and still cold brew from the same tap

  • Extracts nitrogen from the air; no nitrogen tank necessary

  • Pulls from any container, kegs are only one option

  • Plug & play in 2 minutes

  • Consistency with every pour

  • Chills on demand to 2°C

  • Works with any drink

  • No need to deal with gas tanks or companies

  • Compact design; can be placed over or under the counter

  • Customizable colour, design and tap handle

  • Patent Pending

  • Certified to NSF 18

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