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The Tone Touch 03 single serve brewer offers controlled agitation, programmable flow rates, and detailed adjustment of pulse patterns at different stages of brewing (e.g. blooming-, turbulence-, development-). The boiler less standalone brewing system sustainably channels brew water through a highly innovative heating element that eliminates the need for a traditional heating phase. The Tone Touch 03 technology unleashes the full potential of coffee and tea at the touch of a button. With Tone Touch 3 brewer, you are all ready to take single serve coffee and the modern brew bar to the next level.

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  • Type: TOUCH 03
  • Dimensions in mm (w x h x d): 242 x 505 x 320
  • Weight: 26 Kg
  • Power: 220 - 240V | 50/60Hz
  • Max. Brewing Volume: 2 litre
  • Flow: max. 9g/sec
  • Heating: 3450W


How to install Tone Touch 03 brewer?
  • The Tone Touch 03 brewer should be installed on a secure level surface capable of fully supporting the weight of the brewer, including accessories that may be placed on the brewer (such as coffee decanters, filters, etc.).
  • A potable water line (cold water) capable of consistently supplying the minimum flow rate within the noted pressure range is required at the install location.
  • A grounded electrical connection to a circuit that meets the electrical specifications of the Tone Touch 03 brewer is protected by the appropriate size and the type of breaker is required.
Which is the button for recipe selection on the Tone Touch 03 brewer?

Button 1-4(from left to right).

What is the process of brewing in the Tone Touch 03 brewer?

Equip a brewing vessel of your choice with a filter and fill in an appropriate amount of brewing ingredients. Place the brewing vessel with loaded filter underneath the spray head and select the desired recipe by pushing the corresponding button. As soon as the program is running, the button starts to blink. Be aware that the water flow may be interrupted during the brewing process once or several times. Wait until the recipe is processed completely (button stops to blink). Remove the brewing vessel from the appliance and the TONE TOUCH 03 brewer is ready for use again immediately. The program can be aborted by pushing the chosen button again during process.

How to descale Tone Touch 03 brewer?

Push and hold button 1 while switching the main switch on.

How to rinse Tone Touch 03 brewer?

Push and hold button 1 & 2 while switching the main switch ON. Stop the rinsing by switching the main switch OFF.

What actually is the Tone Touch 3 machine?

Tone’s powerful Touch 03 single-serve brewer unleashes the full potential of coffee and tea at the touch of a button. The intelligent recipe development system enables 100% customization of coffee and tea beverages including the ability to vary product, volume, flow, strength, and temperature. This machine enables one to customize each cup of tea and coffee as per requirement.

What are the features of this machine which makes it most unique?

The reasons to choose Tone Touch 3 are:

  • Ability to profile each recipe as per one’s desire and requirement
  • Full control of adjustable coffee and tea flow rates and pulse patterns at different stages of brewing: blooming, turbulence and development phase.
  • Endless recipes for tea and coffee can be created
  • Programmable for batches from 200ml up to 2 L of coffee or tea at once
  • Boilerless brewer - achieve the desired water temperature within 2 seconds after powering on.
  • Ability to adjust recipes anywhere in the world with all data available in real time.
  • The barista is empowered to easily adjust brew recipes to profile various coffee and tea beverages by varying temperature, brew time, and a host of other parameters.
What are the colour variants available?

The colour variants available for Tone Touch 3 are: white/grey, all-white, black/grey and all-black.

What is the dimension of Tone Touch 3?

Dimensions of the Tone Touch 03 is (w x h x d): 242 x 505 x 320 mm.