At Kaapi Machines, we offer extensive barista training for new café owners, café staff, coffee aficionados, baristas, and anyone who wants to master the art of making a good cup of coffee. You will learn about brewing methods, latte art, coffee flair and a lot more in a hands-on training with expert instructors.

We understand that a great cup of coffee is a result of precision and performance of the machine along with the skill, understanding and creativity of the barista. Apart from the professional coffee making course, we also offer extensive barista course and coffee training program for new café owners, café staff, coffee aficionados, baristas and anyone who wants to learn the art of brewing a good cup of coffee. Our coffee making class is engaging and extensive covering the coffee-making process step by step. The coffee making course covers all aspect that go into making a specialty coffee drink.

Our barista training will help you increase your coffee knowledge to the next level where you can professionally start your coffee journey. We organize coffee making class on a regular basis in both online and offline medium. We have a variety of coffee training programs which you can choose based on your requirement.

Kaapi Machines coffee making course is for all levels of baristas. Designed and conducted by professional team under able direction of Rasika Tulaskar, a certified Barista trainer and award winning coffee professional, our barista course covers all levels of Barista training. Whether you just want to make great coffee or be professional Barista this course is for you.

Intensive Crop to Cup workshop

Coffee Training Program - 14 hours
  • In-depth session on Coffee History and Coffee in India
  • About Green Beans – Origin, Processing, Grading, Transportation & Storage, Roasting & Blending.
  • Tasting and Cupping
  • Grinder Calibration (Espresso & Manual Brewing)
  • Understanding Barista Workstation
  • Espresso basics
  • Milk Frothing & Latte Art
  • Manual Brewing
Barista Skills

Barista Course – 7 Hours
  • Basics of - Coffee, Processing Methods, Roasting, Blending, Tasting
  • Calibration of Semi-Automatic Machine & Grinder
  • Preparation of Espresso, Dosing, Grinding, and Tamping
  • Classic Menu – Theory and Practice
  • Latte Art - Basics
  • Cleaning of Machines and Accessories
Latte Art

Latte Art Skills – 7 Hours
  • Basics of - Coffee, Blend, and Cappuccino
  • Espresso techniques – Grinding and Tamping
  • Frothing – SCA standards
  • Basic rules of latte art: high and steady
  • Making of Latte Art
  • Use of the stylus and the squeezer
Manual Brewing

Manual Brewing Skills – 7 Hours
  • Understand the Beans, Roast, Origin
  • Tasting and Cupping
  • Grind size, Time and Temperature
  • Brewing Equipment’s and its technique
  • Build Expertise in 2 types of Manual Brew
  • Use one coffee understand changes in based on different variables



    Opening a café? Wondering where to start? Any business idea needs a unique proposition, planning and execution for it to be successful and hence professional advice is key. We are here to bring alive your entrepreneurial dream, just tell us your ideas and we will help you every step of the way. From the development stage until you open your café, sourcing raw materials including a perfect coffee blend, coffee equipment, training the barista, operational efficiency, menu planning and even creating a signature beverage, you can count on us.


    “You think you know it all, but don’t underestimate the work you have to do”, says Sheena our very first consulting client. Here’s Sheena from Sixteen Gram Coffee with a word of advice for coffee enthusiasts looking to start a cafe and on the importance of good advice and coffee consulting.

    Rasika Tulaskar

    Our chief consultant
    Our chief consultant – Rasika Tulaskar, conducted a three-day ‘Barista workshop’ to train and share her expertise and knowledge on coffee. Kamal Arwin, who was part of the workshop found it extremely helpful and useful as it has given him a solid foundation to build his coffee aspirations in Canada. Rasika recommends this certification for anyone who is looking to be part of the coffee industry.

    Gaurav Chaudhary

    A future café owner
    A future café owner, Gaurav Chaudhary also benefitted from our ‘Barista workshop’. The workshop has helped him gain a lot of insight and has helped him master the art of coffee making.

    Harshit Jain

    an ambitious entrepreneur
    Harshit Jain, an ambitious entrepreneur from Delhi, was impressed with the level of skill and depth of knowledge exhibited by our chief consultant, Binny. He plans to begin his coffee venture in Australia sometime in the coming future.

    Ashish Garg

    A café owner from Yamunanagar
    A café owner from Yamunanagar – Ashish Garg, was inspired by the passion and dedication with which Binny spoke about our coffee machines and equipment. He says that the course is exactly what he was looking for to get him a head start into the world of good quality coffee. He is looking forward to building a long and lasting relationship with the Kaapi Machines family.