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Commercial coffee machines are ideal for enticing customers through the door with the aroma of freshly ground barista-style coffee. There’s a vast selection of commercial coffee makers and espresso makers which are perfect at brewing fantastic tasting cappuccino, lattes and flat whites. Whether you need a small light duty percolator or a top of the range professional coffee machine, the category includes models perfect for bars, hotels and cafés alike. There are two machine types of commercial espresso machines: Automatic and semi-automatic machines.

Kaapi Machines semi-automatic and commercial coffee machines from world class brands provide excellent value for money coffee solutions for all your needs.

The Office Coffee Machines and Commercial Coffee Machines offer a wide range of drink options including latte, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate and more.

The advantages of using an automatic coffee machine from Kaapi Machines are:

  • With the touch of a button, you can make your coffee however you want it.
  • These appliances are so precise and consistent, they can be likened to an experienced barista.
  • Super automatic espresso machines are convenient, safe to use, maintain freshness, are fast and come with added extra features for freshness
  • The improvements in automatic coffee machines over the last few years have been quite remarkable leading the way, automatic machines have gone from offices, hospitality professionals to homes

We require an automatic coffee machine in cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, hospitals, fast food joints, offices, ice cream parlour and even at home.

The minimum cup capacity is 20 cups per day and maximum cup capacity is 400 cups per day in an automatic coffee machine.

A semi-automatic coffee machine enables you to select your choice of coffee beans and grind. That way, you’ll tailor your perfect espresso exactly to your taste. Thanks to the manual settings, you have a lot of influence on the quality and taste of your espresso.

These machines are primarily used in cafes, restaurants, pool side, bars, fast food chains, hotels, resorts, at home, etc.

The advantages of using a semi-automatic espresso machine from Kaapi Machines are:

  • A semi-automatic espresso maker lets the barista experiment with espresso extraction, thus, letting them decide the brewing process and texture.
  • One of the benefits of owning a semi-automatic coffee maker is that it doesn’t come with a pre-programmed time for shots. This means you can create your perfect shot each time and customize each cup of coffee.
  • Since you will have to clean the portafilters, baskets, and shower screens, you will have to invest a little time on its maintenance. The cleaner the machine, the better the espresso.

The semi-automatic coffee machines that are available in the market these days come with advanced features and high-end technology, making it one of the most demanding coffee equipment. Next time, you feel like drinking a barista-driven espresso at home, then get it brewed in a semi-automatic coffee machine from Kaapi Machines.

No, it totally depends on your business seating.

Barista training is the gateway to a world of opportunities in different segments such as the hospitality sector, home, etc. Barista training distinguishes you as a professional to prospective employers, it shows you’re committed to learning, efficiency, consistency and improving yourself.

For home enthusiasts, the hands-on training and connection to the professional coffee community can fuel your passion. For individual baristas, completing a course gives you tangible evidence of your career commitment and skill level. It can help you get hired for your first job or advance your career. For coffee shop or restaurant owners, offering your staff ongoing training and quality professional development is one of the most powerful ways to ensure long lasting success.