Premium Automatic Coffee Machines


Our selection of fully-automatic hi-tech coffee machines from world-class bean to cup partners provide efficient and value-for-money coffee solutions for all your business needs. Enjoy a wide selection of beverages from fully automatic coffee machines at the touch of a button. Our exclusive range of products include the best commercial coffee machines in India.


Kaapi Machines consults with large corporations to identify their needs and deploy efficient automatic coffee machines to cater to the wide-ranging beverage preferences of the employees. Our high-performance and durable automatic coffee machines are capable enough to handle large volumes of 100-1,000 cups a day. Our team of service technicians—the biggest in India—will ensure the machines are running in perfect condition.


9000 S+

The WMF 9000 S+ high-performance fully automated coffee machine has a peak output of up to 350 cups per hour .


1500 S+

A very convenient, highly user friendly and informative machine, the WMF 1500S+ allows you to enhance your coffee experience with every rich aromatic cup.


1100 S

Promising a large per hour output, the WMF 1100S delivers a large variety of beverages with great reliability and consistently high quality despite its compact size.


For small office spaces and start-ups, we offer budget and space-friendly, economical and long-lasting coffee solutions with automatic coffee machines that can easily cater to a demand of 20-200 cups a day. Periodic inspections and quick service in case of malfunction will ensure that your machines are in mint condition at all times.

2601-1 (1)

Kalerm K2601 Pro

The Kalerm 2601 Pro is a fully automatic coffee machine system which boasts of an automatic control panel integrated with an intelligent pre-brewing system and temperature, volume, and coffee strength control system to ensure the quality of coffee produced is of the highest standard. Navigate easily with the one-touch operation and cleaning feature.



The fully automatic K90L comes with a large capacity and can create multiple cups of coffee in no time. It comes with 20 programmable beverage options and a dual boiler specifically for cappuccino, often the most popular choice of coffee.



Enjoy a great cup of espresso or cappuccino with a press of a single button and in no time with the KLM1603, which has won multiple awards for its simple, classy design and easy of use.