Coffee Machine Cleaning Products



Regular and thorough cleaning of your machine and equipment is integral to its output and shelf life. Kaapi Machines offers effective coffee machine cleaning products to all your cleaning and maintenance needs. Our coffee machine cleaning products help in removing oil & milk residues from the equipment in making better coffee every time.


Our premium coffee machine cleaning products and espresso machine cleaner are easy to use, require minimum manual intervention and adhere to the highest standards of safety. Find the best cleaning solutions and espresso machine cleaner here at Kaapi Machines.



Grindz provides an easy and effective solution for cleaning industrial coffee grinders that remove all traces of stale coffee residue and flavoured coffee odours. It uses a patented all-natural formula that adheres to the highest standard of food safety.



Rinza specialises in cleaning of dairy residue from auto-frothers, traditional steam wands and steel pitchers by breaking down milk protein, fat and calcium build-up. Offering over 30 uses per bottle, it is a cost-effective cleaning solution for your coffee enterprise.



This efficient espresso machine cleaner is available in multiple tablet sizes and also in powder form to service a broad range of machines from traditional to fully automatic. Its concentrated cleaning formula thoroughly eliminates residue from group heads, valves and lines.

URNEX Grindz

Urnex Tablets

Grinder Cleaner


Grindz Tablets concentrate on removing the coffee oils, strong coffee odour and grind particles from burrs and casings without disassembling the grinder. Since it is devised from all-natural, plant-based ingredients, it makes it absolutely food safe. Frequent cleaning with Grindz Tablets helps in maintaining the life of your grinder.

URNEX rinza

Rinza Liquid


Rinza is used to clean the milk systems of espresso equipment. The built-in measuring device delivers over 30 uses per bottle.
It majorly removes mineral build-up and milk residue that develops on steam wands. Suitable for automatic milk frothers and manual steam wands. It completely breaks down milk protein build-up residing in the machine. It Comes in a dual-chamber 1 liter bottle that contains a built-in measuring device.


Espresso Starter Kit

The Espresso Starter Kit is everything you need to ensure a daily espresso machine cleaning. The Espresso Starter Kit contains small jars of Cafiza, Rinza, Grindz, and a Scoopz brush. The kit includes: -
1. Cafiza - espresso equipment cleaning powder, eliminates residue in group heads, valves, and lines, 
2. Rinza – milk system cleaning tablets to remove milk residue and build-up in steam wands, valve and tubes
3. Grindz – All-natural tablets to clean grinder burrs and casings helping extend the life of the grinder
4. Scoopz – A dosing tool and a group head cleaning brush


URNEX Cafiza E16

Cafiza E16

Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets-100

E16 Tablets have a concentrated formula that eliminates residue in group heads, valves, and lines. Available in tablet form for easy and controlled dosing into the delivery chamber. Organically listed and NSF-Certified for use on espresso machines. Use this with automatic as well as traditional espresso coffee machines for best results.

URNEX Cafiza

Cafiza E46

Cleaning Tablets

Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets removes deposits in espresso machine group heads, valves, and lines. Available in tablet form for an easy and a controlled dosing into the delivery chamber. Fragrance-free tablets making it safe for use. Organically listed and NSF-Certified for use on espresso machines.

Cafe Wipz

Café Wipz

Café Wipz are pre-moistened, aroma-free coffee equipment cleaning wipes. It can be used on a range of apparatus and surfaces, including steam wands, bean hoppers, and countertops. Packaged with a resealable flip top to retain moisture and maintain freshness, with 100 wipes in a single package; this is a perfect solution to keep your machine looking spic and span all the time.

URNEX Dezcal

Dezcal Powder

Dezcal Powder is a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable descaler powder. It is used for fast and efficient descaling of boilers and heating elements. Best used with coffee brewers, espresso machines, pod machines, capsule machines, and kettles. It is NSF certified for metal compatibility and safety. Strategically designed to break down the limescale and mineral build-up within your brewer to ensure you fantastically consistent coffee.

Cafiza E31

Cafiza E31

Cleaning Tablets – 100

Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets have a concentrated formula that eliminates residue in group heads, valves, and lines. Available in tablet form for an easy and controlled dosing into the delivery chamber. The tablets offer flexibility with traditional espresso machines and can be used to perform backflush cleaning when required.

Scoopz Brush

Scoopz Brush

Espresso Machine Brush

Scoopz is a head scrubbing brush designed with an ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of cleaning. It also features a large splash guard to protect the user's hand from hot water. It is a dual-purpose espresso machine cleaning brush with a detergent measuring scoop. Scoopz also has the most durable-strong bristles; making it a highly reliable tool. The scoop provides portion dosing for backflushing (2 scoops = 3 g)

Vitamix Logo
Rinse O matic

Vitamix Rinse-o-matic


No more rinsing containers by hand or letting the water run; the Rinse-o-matic is the more efficient way to rinse any blender container*  in seconds! Just place the container upside down and the high water pressure rinses residue away, saving you time and money.