What is the best coffee machine for a cafe?

What is the best coffee machine for a cafe?

High-Quality coffee: A good cup of coffee can make or break how your brand is perceived.

  1. Great Customer Service: Great customer service requires consistency, quality and efficiency.
  2. Create an Experience: Curious customers like to be involved in understanding what goes on their plate, and what environmental impact do their choices have. By creating a friendly environment and easy information to the customers, they have a wholesome experience at the café. 

To create an extraordinary experience at your dream café, you need to answer the following:

  1. What is the focus of your café, is it coffee?
  2. How many cups do you expect to serve per day?
  3. Do I need to hire a barista to make coffee?
  4. What kind of space do you have at your café?
  5. Lastly, what is your budget?

To create an edge to your café, we suggest the following:

  1. Curated coffee menu: A thoughtful wide array of coffee beverages that can excite coffee amateurs and satiate morning and post-dinner tradition for coffee connoisseurs.
  2. Indulgent yet informative coffee culture: Educate the customers about their coffee cup. 
  3. A skilled barista: The role of an espresso machine and that of a barista go hand and hand. A trained coffee champion can turn this beverage into an unforgettable experience. 

Our Brands:

Rancilio (Semi-automatic coffee machine)

Rancilio is a coffee machine manufacturer from Italy. Since 1927, Rancilio has been passionately committed to safeguarding and promoting the culture of Italian espresso coffee worldwide. This is what we like to call “Coffeeing the World”.

The Range of Classe 5, 7 and 9 come with different groups and tech innovations to choose from:

  1. Rancilio 1 grp       
  2. Rancilio 2 grp      
  3. Rancilio 3 grp       

La Marzocco (Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine)

Founded in 1927, La Marzocco is an Italian brand which is known for its handmade artisanal espresso machines worldwide. 

The Range:

  • Linea Classic, 
  • Linea PB, PB X 
  • KB90 

They all come with different groups, tech innovations, colours and other modifications to choose from.

WMF (Automatic coffee machine)

WMF is the leading international manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines based in Germany. . WMF machines are IoT enabled next gen machines to elevate your coffee experience to another level. A built in-app helps you to: 

  1. Customize your coffee from the phone seated at your desk
  2. SmartPay through the phone
  3. Tech for Admin to account for cups of coffee dispensed, program recipes, track breakdown or refills

The range –

  1. WMF 1100S – upto 80 cups/day
  2. WMF 1500 S+ – upto 180 cups/day
  3. WMF 5000 S – upto 250 cups/day
  4. WMF 9000 S+ – upto 350 cups/day

Carimali (Automatic Coffee Machine)

Carimali was setup in 1919 in Milan, Italy and is responsible for one of the first ever fully automatic machines ever made. It has innovated over the past century and has created robust and consistent machines.

  1. Carimali Mya – Upto 300 cups/ day 

Kalerm (Automatic coffee machine)–

Kalerm is known for its high-quality espresso coffee. Kalerm has a diverse portfolio that consists of fully automatic coffee machines that are in compact sizes to suit small to medium office spaces. It has a payment and accounting system for the number of coffee cups dispensed. 

  1. Kalerm 95/ 90 L   – upto 80 cups/day
  2. Kalerm 2601 Pro – upto 50 cups/day

With Kaapi Machines There’s Always More Than Just Coffee Machines:

We promise –

  1. Leading International brands 
  2. Biggest Professionally trained and awarded service team.   
  3. Training and Consulting 

Our Support –

  1. Round the clock service team:

Our service team is professionally trained and strategically stationed across the country to resolve any issue with the machine in less than 24 hours, weekends included. We service using original parts only.                                        

  1. End-to-end coffee solution:

We are your bean to cup partner- we have a resource to fulfil every coffee need.

Brewing Trust–

Some of the cafes that use our machines

  • Socials
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Blue Tokai
  • Mc Café
  • Drunken Monkey
  • Third Wave Coffee Roasters