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Doser Vs On Demand Grinder


One of the key aspects of a well setting up a coffee bar is investing in a great grinder. Often ignored, choosing a good grinder is crucial as getting a great espresso machine and determines the outcome of your beverage. A great grinder will transform your coffee experience from the inside out making your coffee will be more flavourful and delicious. You’ll be able to determine your coffee’s flavour and strength.  

The quality of your brewed coffee is greatly influenced by the quality and uniformity of your grind. A good grinder ensures the ground coffee doesn’t clump together, keeps the beans cool while grinding, and helps evenly distribute coffee in the basket. Uneven grinds, on the other hand, disrupt the flavour of the coffee grounds. 

There is a variety of options when it comes to grinders, and one big division in the available selection is between doser and on demand grinders. So, what grinder should you choose and what exactly is the difference between them? Read below to help you make an informed decision. 

Doser Grinders: 

A doser grinder will have a chamber in the front, which stores freshly ground coffee before you take it out with the help of a lever. There are triangle-shaped cavities that push the coffee out little by little into your porta filter. In order for it to work efficiently, you have to make sure that your chamber is half full so that every time you push the lever, it dispenses equal amount of coffee in your porta filter. So, if your café doesn’t see too much high traffic, you might see a lot of ground coffee sitting in that chamber. One way to fix that would be to start the grinder and continuously paddle so that the coffee doesn’t get time to sit in the chamber. It also ensures that there is no clumping in your coffee this way. 

On Demand Grinder: 

Most on demand grinders are dosed using time. Ideally equipped with a single and double dosing preset, you can set the grinder to grind exactly to the amount of coffee you need. At the press of a button, the grinder will grind the exact amount of coffee required directly into your porta filter. This way, it is ensured that you are grinding fresh every time and more consistently with no wastage. 

Although both coffee grinders will work efficiently in giving you precision in the grind, it really depends on your budget and the needs of your café operations. If want a fast, efficient grinder then an on-demand would be a perfect fit. But if your café doesn’t sell too many coffees at a go then a doser grinder should work just fine as you will be able to weigh the coffee before use every time. 

Regardless of which set up you choose to go with, having a dependable grinder is the first step into having consistently good coffee! 

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