WMF Coffee Machines – Quick Fixes

WMF Coffee Machines - Kaapi

With the onset of Covid-19 and Govt. mandate to shut all non-essential operations, we have stopped our services to ensure the safety of our employees.
We want to ensure you have a seamless coffee brewing experience while our team is off the field, we have created a list of quick fixes you can try at your end should you face any issues.

Please follow the steps as explained below-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Quick Fix Sheet

1) My machine is not working

Please ensure if-
a. Power supply, working?
b. MCB/ Fuse, connected?
c. Main switch, on?
d. Plug and cable, connected?
2) My machine makes noise while dispensing coffee/hot water

Please ensure if-
a. Machine connection, with the direct water line?
b. Water tap, releasing sufficient water into the machine?
c. Machine connected to the tank, fill until the maximum level and ensure a firm connection of the tank with the machine.
3) My machine doesn’t dispense any milk or milk foam

Please ensure if-
a. Steam nozzle, well connected?
b. Milk hose, routed correctly?
c. Milk spout, system milk cleaned?
d. Milk, replenished?
e. Milk cooler, frozen?
4) My milk foam dispenser is sputtering severely

Please ensure if-
a. Milk system, is clean?
b. Milk, has been chilled sufficiently?
c. Use the green milk nozzle.
5) My machine displays “Clean now” and doesn’t dispense any beverages

Please opt for system cleaning.

P.S: This usually happens if the machine has not been cleaned for more than 3 days. Hence it is advisable to clean on a daily basis.
6) Error 161, 162, 163, 164, 166, and machines not able to use