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Nitro Cold Brew – What is So Special About it and How Do You Make it?

Nitro Cold Brew - What is So Special About it and How Do You Make it?

Have you ever wondered how black coffee would taste chilled sans the milk? Hasn’t that question got you all thinking about the taste that is going to engulf your tastebuds? True, some of you might just hate the thought of bitter black chilled coffee. However, if you are a fan of the brew in its natural form, you will be delighted to taste the Nitro Cold Brew, coffee infused with nitrogen. Yes, you heard it right – Nitrogen. As wild as the idea might seem, it’s not new and here’s all the information you need about it.

What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro Cold Brew, also known best as Nitro or NCB is a type of cold brew coffee that is charged with a dose of Nitrogen so that it forms a rich and creamy texture and smooth finish. Similar to the darker stouts of the draft beer, the smaller size of the nitrogen bubbles results in a beverage that is thick in texture and luxurious in feel.

How is it prepared?

There are two essential ingredients that go into the making of nitro cold brew; nitro equipment and coffee. The nitro cold brew equipment consists of a keg, nitrogen tank, regulator, fridge and tap. Before brewing the nitro, you must understand two things:

  1. Nitro should only be infused with pure nitrogen. The nitrogen must not be mixed with carbon dioxide since that could spoil the taste of the coffee.
  2. To achieve a full visual effect, the Nitro stout tap should be used because the structure makes the main part of the drink’s aesthetics.

Technically speaking, Nitro can be brewed with any type of coffee, but the best method would be to brew it with cold brew. When the coffee is ready, it can either be nitrogenated, bottled or consumed as a classic cold brew. Its strength should be matched to your taste, but the right ratio would be for every 60g of coffee, 1 litre of water should be added.

What’s special about the brew?

Nitro cold brew is not easy to make and neither is it cheap, yet its popularity around the world is surprisingly high especially among millennials. The cold brew is being recognised as the new way of enjoying coffee. Furthermore, the brew has also been viewed as a healthier alternative compared to energy drinks and soda, which is why some gyms are even serving the drinks to their customers as an energy boost.

The benefits don’t just end here. The nitro cold brew has a sweet flavour, this eliminates the need for adding sugar. Additionally, these beverages are low in acid levels, which comes across as a boon for sensitive coffee drinkers who suffer from heartburn or acid reflux.

If you are looking for a short and easy way to prepare cold brew, the BUNN Nitron cold brew maker is an ideal choice for you. The keg-free and comprehensive design allows the professionals to produce the perfect tasting cold brew. There is no need to add any sugar and milk to get good results, the cold brew maker can produce up to 3 minutes of cascading micro-bubbles, thanks to the exclusive in-line nitro infuser. You will be pleased to know that your beverage will be crowned with a stout-like head that tastes distinctively creamy and delivers a soft, velvety feel whenever your customers take a sip.

Having said so, nitro cold brew is the drink that cafe businesses require, sure to bring in the additional customers that they deserve.

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