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The Best Coffee Blenders for 2020

The Best Coffee Blenders for 2020

Coffee blending, as a concept, is widely practiced but rarely understood. While the process of blending coffee variants work in mysterious ways, a majority of coffee shops and cafes rely on the same for enhancing the flavor profiles and overall consistency of the brew. Put simply, a coffee blend usually tastes better as compared to a standalone brew, courtesy of the tailored preparatory approach.

Why Blend Coffees?

Single-origin coffee beans lack the complexity of flavors, often desired by specific customers. This is why it is necessary for specialty cafes to retail coffee blends that are more like strategic infusions, for achieving that perfect taste. A coffee blend, therefore, is best characterized by a dynamic taste profile followed by the aromatic notes which often exceed the standalone versions by a significant margin.

Blending Challenges

The most important consideration for achieving the perfect blend is to analyze the taste profile of each variant. For instance, it wouldn’t be wise enough to blend two dark roasted profiles, if the customer is looking for something light. For starters, a good blend is the one where the base note is sweeter, regardless of other respondents. Another challenge is to determine the perfect blend ratio, based on specific customer demands.

Not just the coffee-centric challenges, the blending efforts are often restricted by the unavailability of high-end blending machines. Therefore, commercial cafes and shops prefer purchasing top-of-the-line blenders to ensure that customers can taste diverse coffee profiles without having to compromise on consistency. Although manual coffee blending is always an option, the process is extremely time consuming and not worth the effort, especially if there is a busy outlet to manage.

Best Coffee Blenders: The Basics

As a rule of thumb, it is necessary to zero in on a coffee blender that is extremely versatile and compatible with user requirements. Be it mixing diverse flavors to enhance the consistency or preparing diverse fruit-based infusions with dollops of coffee, a class-leading blender is a perfect ally when commercial coffee shops are concerned.

Not just that, if you have a relatively open setup, it is advisable to purchase a noise-free version. As per the mentioned specifications, here are some of the best coffee blenders to invest in, especially in 2020:

  1. BARBOSS Advance

If you are interested in a well-balanced blender that can even account for the cocktail bases, this is the most relevant coffee blender in the existing arena. Besides keeping noise-generation to minimal levels, the BARBOSS Advance also comes equipped with six separate coffee optimization programs. This attribute makes it easier to serve diverse blends to the customers while keeping the consistency intact. Other innovative specs include pulse control and the automatic cut-off mechanism for eliminating the chances of an overcooked blend.

  1. Drink Machines Two Speed

In case you are looking for manual blending interventions amidst a host of automated specs, the Drink Machines Two Speed is the one to put the money on. What stands out is the dual-speed control that can be handled manually, precisely to achieve the perfect blend consistency. This feature qualifies the Two Speed as the perfect blender for frappes, granitas, and obviously the frozen coffee infusions.

  1. Vitamix

For your noise-free coffee blending indulgences, The Quiet One from Vitamix comes forth as the perfect appliance. Although the sound reduction on this machine is second to none, it also makes way for exceptional blends, concerning coffee and other beverages.

Each one of the mentioned blenders can also be characterized by speedy throughput and excellent durability. However, if you want to learn more about the minutest of technical details concerning each blender, consider visiting Kaapi Machines where professional consultants can guide you better towards making rewarding purchases.

At Kaapi Machines, we provide coffee machines, blenders and grinders that suit everyone’s taste buds – we love coffee lovers as much as they love their coffee!