Ideal Coffee Printers in India

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Transform your coffee offerings into works of art that strike the right chords with your customers with our high-end coffee printer machines that enhance the visual appeal of your offerings and create customised experiences for coffee lovers. Meet the Ripple Maker coffee printer!


This original, patented Coffee Ripple Maker turns ordinary foam-topped drinks into delightful customer experiences. A boon for cafes and restaurants that stand out for their artistic plating and presentation, the coffee Ripple Maker offers an impressive selection of designs. This kind of coffee printer can print on foam-based drinks in 10 seconds! From coffee lattes, to nitro cold brew, milkshakes and more. With the simple Ripples app, customers can even create their own designs, including selfies, which can be printed on the beverage using premium natural ingredients. You can find this original, patented coffee printer here at Kaapi Machines.


Dimensions (w x h x d-mm)

210 x 560 x 270

Wi-fi friendly


Voltage (V)