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Vitamix range – The T&G, The Quiet One, Drink Machine Advance and Prep 3

Vitamix range – The T&G, The Quiet One, Drink Machine Advance and Prep 3

Blender is an essential equipment for cafe owners who look forward to serving beverages that require blending. With the use of blender, café owners, chefs and baristas can effortlessly create a variety of smoothies, juices, soups, sauces, dips, and other exquisite beverages by using a blender. Blenders aid in the quick and efficient blending of components, resulting in a consistent texture and taste while saving time and effort during food preparation.

Blender also adds value to the café by improving and increasing the menu. Café owners can use blenders to provide fresh and unusual drinks and food items that will appeal to a wider range of customers. Smoothies and shakes are popular among health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts, and café owners can leverage this trend by developing creative and nutritious smoothies using various fruits, vegetables, and supplements.

Looking to serve delectable, healthy smoothies or take your culinary talents to the next level with exceptional mixing capabilities?

Look no further than Vitamix, a name well known across the globe for high quality blenders. The brand offers a wide selection of blenders, each with its own set of features and characteristics that set it apart. Vitamix blenders are recognized for their superior blending quality and the ability to create smooth and consistent textures even with tough ingredients like ice, frozen fruits, and nuts.

We’ve curated a list of the best Vitamix blenders to help you make an informed decision.


The T&G blending station, a product of the Vitamix Blender, is extremely versatile and is ideal for making a wide range of delicious and refreshing beverages such as smoothies, frozen drinks, cocktails, and even ice cream.

One of the standout features of the T&G blending station is its innovative noise reduction technology. This ensures that the blending process is as quiet as possible, which is great if you are using a commercial blender or if you simply want to avoid disturbing others while you blend. In addition to its noise reduction feature, the T&G blending station is also equipped with a powerful 3 peak output horsepower motor. This motor is designed to grind ingredients quickly and efficiently, which makes it ideal for blending frozen drinks, smoothies, and ice creams in a variety of sizes. Another great feature of the T&G blending station is its advanced level container. This container is designed to make it easy to pour drinks without spilling or making a mess, which is a common problem with many other blenders. This makes it much easier to create delicious drinks that are perfect for any occasion. It also comes with a durable blade that can function for years with minimum maintenance.

Product specification:

  • Motor –3 peak output horsepower motor
  • Electrical –220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz,1075 – 1200 W
  • Pack –includes T & G 2 with 0.9 L high-impact, clear/stackable Advance container, complete with advance blade assembly and lid and removable compact cover
  • Net weight –7kg (8.6 kg with box)
  • Dimensions on counter –2 x23.5×26.7 cm (H X W X d)
  • Height with lid open –9 cm
  • Dimensions in-counter –1 x 22.9 x26.7 cm (H X W X d)
  • Height with lid open –2

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The Quiet One

The Quiet One is a game changer in the mixing industry, setting new norms for quietness, ease, and efficiency. It is ideal for places where a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere is required, as it produces four times less noise than other blenders. This level of tranquilly is achieved by the blender’s revolutionary vibration dampening technology, which effectively lowers vibrations and noise generated during the blending operation.

Because of its magnetically secured floating container, the Quiet One is not only quiet but also easy to clean. This design ensures that the blender can be disassembled and cleaned fast and easily. This heavy-duty blender is built to fulfil the highest cleanliness standards, making it an excellent choice for the food and beverage business. The blender has three programme buttons and 34 optimised programmes that make it simple to blend any item to perfection. It is exceptionally easy to operate, even for beginners, due to its advanced speed control and automatic switch-off feature. The programmes have been meticulously curated to ensure faster and more efficient blending, making it an excellent solution for busy cafes. The Quiet One also has a long-lasting blade that requires little to no maintenance. This high-quality blade is built to handle even the most difficult ingredients, resulting in smooth and consistent results every time. The Quiet One is a wonderful purchase for anyone looking to take their blending to the next level due to its superior performance and ease of use.

Product specification:

  • Motor –3 peak output hp motor
  • Electrical –220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1300 – 1500 w
  • Pack –includes The Quiet One Blending Station Advance 1.4 L high-impact, clear/stackable Advance container complete with advanced blade assembly, lid, and removable compact enclosure

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The Drink Machine Advance

The Drink Machine Advance is a strong and efficient blender that is great for smoothies and shakes. It can cater to a wide range of customers and their preferences by making thick layer shakes as well as fruit and vegetable smoothies. One of the most significant advantages of this heavy-duty blender is that it does not require continual supervision, allowing you to multitask and focus on other jobs while the machine works.

The commercial blender also has an automatic shut-off mechanism and six optimised programmes to ensure constant and uniform ingredient blending. This means you can count on the machine to consistently deliver high-quality drinks with no fluctuations in taste or texture.

The Drink Machine Advance’s improved technology also enables for a faster rate of pouring beverages, which can increase efficiency and production during peak hours. The stainless-steel blades of the blender are sturdy and resilient, capable of handling even the toughest ingredients, and can operate for years with minimal maintenance. The blender’s cooler helps to maintain a consistent machine temperature and prevents overheating, which can extend the machine’s life and reduce the danger of malfunctions.

Product specification:

  • Motor-2 peak output Horsepower Motor
  • Electricity –220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz, 750-850 w
  • Pack –includes Drink machine advance with 0.9 L high-impact, clear/stackable Advance container. Complete with advance blade assembly and lid and silver base
  • Weight –9kg (6.3 kg) with box

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Vita Prep 3

The Vita Prep 3 is a fantastic product that is highly regarded by culinary schools and professional chefs all around the world. It is a high-quality commercial blender with numerous functions that make it an ideal kitchen gadget for creating a variety of foods. The Vita Prep 3’s sturdy and durable body is one of its most notable qualities. A 3 peak HP motor powers the Vita Prep 3, providing ample of power for grinding, chopping, and pureeing. Because of its powerful engine, the heavy-duty blender can easily handle even the most difficult ingredients, making it a great choice for busy commercial kitchens.

The Vita Prep 3 also has a built-in cooling fan. This fan serves to keep the machine’s temperature stable, allowing it to run for extended periods of time without overheating. Another useful feature of the Vita Prep 3 is the tamper stick. This stick aids in the processing of dense components while chopping or pureeing, ensuring that everything is handled equally. This feature is especially handy for recipes that call for a smooth, consistent texture. The Vita Prep 3 has a long-lasting blade that can be used for years with little maintenance. This blade is built to withstand any ingredient and can easily chop, grind, and puree. The blade may give years of dependable performance with proper care and maintenance. 

Product specifications:

  • Built with a strong and durable body to chop or grind a variety of ingredients.
  • Equipped with 3 peak HP motor to power up grinding, chopping and pureeing.
  • It has an inbuilt cooling fan to keep the machine temperature normal at all times.
  • The tamper stick helps to process dense ingredients while chopping or pureeing.

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Vitamix is a well-known brand in the blender market, with a wide selection of high-performance blenders appropriate for both professional chefs and household cooks. This article has looked at some of the top Vitamix blenders and their distinct characteristics, such as T&G, The Quiet One, Drink Machine Advance, and Prep 3. The T&G is a very adaptable blender with noise reduction technology that is excellent for commercial use. The Quiet One is a revolutionary blender that redefines quietness and convenience of use, making it an outstanding solution for food and beverage companies. The Drink Machine Advance is a powerful and efficient blender ideal for smoothie and shake businesses. Each of these blenders has distinct features that set it apart from the competition, making them an excellent investment for baristas, café owners, chefs, cooks, and restaurateurs looking to take their blending to the next level.