Must-Try Types of Espresso Drinks to Fit Your Every Mood

What coffee type are you? Do you veer towards a piping hot cuppa? Do you like it dunked with oodles of whipped cream or do you prefer your coffee straight-up bitter? Or does your choice of cuppa depends on just how you’re feeling that day? The vast range of coffee variations available at the cafes…

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How to make the perfect espresso with a semi-automatic machine?

As the trend of buying espresso machines has become increasingly popular, users are in a tough competition to make the perfect espresso while revealing the secret of that barista-quality espresso taste. And that’s where the role of semi-automatic espresso machines come into play with easy user control and interface.  How to make the perfect espresso…

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Types of Coffee Roasts Explained

Though the right selection of coffee beans matter, coffee gets its natural aroma and addictive flavor from the right roasting process. The roasting duration of a coffee bean depends on factors like body, temperature, acidity, and flavor of your coffee beans. It is during the roasting process that the green coffee beans get its natural…

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Everything you need to know about La Marzocco Linea Mini

For all those home baristas, this La Marzocco Linea Mini is a must-try coffee machine. To get a smart, semi-automated home device that completely meets your coffee needs is a big deal. The mini version of La Marzocco Classic – the La Marzocco Linea Mini is the redesigned handcrafted coffee machine for your home. From its beautiful…

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Post-Lockdown coffee counter management tips

While we are gearing up to step out and start a routine, #thenewnormal has set two non-negotiable terms in stone- hygiene and cleanliness. Eateries and social places around the world are coming up with innovative and aesthetical designs to minimize disruption in the experience they offer – plexiglass for people to safely eat and individual…

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A Cleaning Guide for your Grinder

Did you know freshly ground coffee leaves behind an oily residue- another reason for the next batch turning rancid? With various tried and tested methods, check the through guide that ensures a deep and effective cleanse preserving the flavour of the beans.

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