Vitamix Prep 3 Coffee Machine for the coffee lovers

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The perfect multitasker for a high-volume kitchen, the Prep 3 performs a range of functions—from chopping delicate ingredients to blending tough purées—with high culinary precision and low processing time.


Rated power (w)

1300 -1500

Motor (hp)


Dimensions(w x h x d-mm)

203 x 514 x 229

Voltage (V)




How many jars do we get along with the Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender?

With Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender, we get one jar of 2.0 litre high-impact clear container with wet blade assembly and lid.

Can the Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender be used for whipping cream?

Yes, we can make whipping cream using Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender.

What is the power range of the Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender’s motor?

Powerful 3 peak output HP motor of Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender delivers unmatched performance when pureeing, grinding, chopping and more.

What do you mean by tamper of Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender?

An included Tamper provides the flexibility to blend thick and frozen mixtures without stopping the machine in a Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender.

What is the use of an advanced cooling system in Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender?

The advanced cooling fan in Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender provides optimum reliability during peak hours of operation.