Rancilio Classe 9 USB

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Rancilio Classe 9 USB

Classe 9USB has an eye-catching, futuristic design and is made from tough materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium, so it’s packed with character. Shock-absorbing side panels guarantee a sturdy machine that’s practical to use.

Rancilio Casse 9 Tall USB 2
  • independent heat exchangers
  • electric heating
  • built-in volumetric pump
  • pump pressure gauge
  • boiler pressure gauge
  • electronic water level control
  • electronic boiler pressure control
  • multifunctional onboard computer with display and USB port
  • low-voltage brew heads (24 V)
  • low-voltage dispensing controls (24 V)
  • version "TALL" - H max cups/glasses: 5.7 in (14.5 cm)
  • LED lights illuminate the work area, functional LED lights on the group button panels,
  • stylish lateral lighting


Why is the Rancilio Classe 9 USB known to have perfect balance?

The Rancilio Classe 9 is a product created using the innovative Rancilio LAB technology combined with the quest for elegant design, revisiting more traditional forms. Thus, it is a perfect balance between design and technology.

Is the semi-automatic coffee machine easy to clean?

The Easy Clean function is a completely automated smart system for cleaning the brewing units, thus reducing the time spent on this task and maintaining a top-quality brew. Hence, the Rancilio Classe 9 is very easy to clean.

What is the function of connect?

Connect in the Rancilio Classe 9 USB is the remote telemetry system that quickly and accurately monitors the whole family of machines installed in different locations. The aim is to provide a complete picture of the hourly consumption of coffee, hot water and steam, if necessary, modifying the operating parameters of each machine without on-site intervention.

What is the weight of this semi- automatic coffee machine?

The Rancilio Classe 9 USB weighs 66kgs in total.

Does Rancilio Classe 9 USB come with lights?

The Rancilio Classe 9 USB comes with working area LEDs, functional LEDs on group covers and side aesthetic lights.