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How to make great coffee for a large office

How to make great coffee for a large office

The aroma of hot coffee in the morning uplifts our mood and spirit. One of the best things about coffee is the ritual of brewing it. But somewhere amidst the rush of meeting deadlines or taking a quick lunch break, we are bound to mess up the brewing process. Offices are all about productivity, which is correlated to coffee. This means brewing up the right coffee will boost your productivity.

We understand that brewing coffee can be tricky – the grind size, brewing time, water temperature, etc., there are so many factors that affect the way coffee tastes but trust us; it’s not that challenging. Office coffee can taste good, and here are some of the ways you can improve the quality of your coffee.

But before we delve into that, here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

  • How many people you have in your office?
  • How much coffee do they drink?
  • What is the quality you are looking for?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • Do you need different coffee machines for different areas – reception area, conference rooms, staff floors, etc.?

While you are choosing coffee machines for the office, there are numerous choices. From tea and coffee to chocolate and decaf, you will have endless choices. To know your options, research well, and look into different solutions. Consult a coffee expert which brings us to the following factors.

1. Service

In a big office where the entire staff relies on the morning cuppa to boost motivation, your machine must perform efficiently. And in case of a breakdown, the productivity is sure to go for a toss.

A service contract ensures that any breakdown gets fixed by an expert within a few hours. But bear in mind that many suppliers will promise to send someone but that someone need not be an expert to fix your machine. A trained expert who knows how to fix the machine along with the key components can get your coffee machine running. Make sure to confirm these details when you are checking any service level agreement.

2. Freshness.

Creating the perfect coffee needs careful blend which is the base for fresh ingredients. Stating the obvious, the flavor and aroma of coffee are at their best when used within days of being roasted. Hence, make sure to buy the coffee beans as close to their roasting date as possible.

This will give you every ounce of the best flavor and aroma from the coffee beans. Or else, coffee becomes bitter and loses its natural sweetness once it gets exposed to the air post roasting. It also causes an increase in the amount of tannin. When it comes to milk, the longer you leave it, the less frothy it will be and will stay flat. It will sink to the bottom rather than giving a good froth and sitting beautifully on top of your coffee.

3. Choosing the right coffee machine

After lots of research and tasting, when you find the ONE, ensure that you have the right professional who can not only just install the machine but also customize the drink options as per your preferred taste. And when we say customize, it means selecting the right beans to beverage options, adjusting the grinders, espresso-to-milk ratio, boiler temperature, and so on.

4. Options to choose

In a large office, you will find coffee, tea, and tisane lovers, who won’t prefer anything else. In simple words, there are a lot of taste buds to satisfy. This means you need to maintain a good range of beverages and find a dealer who can provide it all.

5. Reputation says it all.

A lot goes into creating the perfect cup of coffee. Established a decade ago, we are still going strong thanks to word of mouth as reputation is everything in business. We, at Kaapi Machines, are not only passionate about the coffee machines we sell but also the customer support that we provide.


While choosing a brand for your large office, go for a company that cares. A good brand will not only offer versatile and reliable products but also go the extra mile to keep the clients happy and satisfied, just like we do.