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How can a cafe pep up its beverage game this festive season?

How can a cafe pep up its beverage game this festive season?

As the world is gearing up for Christmas and New Year, many café owners are preparing themselves to serve the consumers and boost the economy. If you want to prep up your café business this festive season, then here are some amazing tips to get you started.

1. Choose Festive Based Menus

Time to light up that Christmas tree and highlight your festive specialties this season! You can also curate an exclusive menu for specific holidays such as Christmas Brunches or New Year Treats! For example, Plum cake, Iced Latte, Chocolate Trilogy Coffee, Coffee Jelly, Caramel Coffee with Lemon Zest Latte, etc. can be a few of the Christmas Specials. This will not only grab the customer’s attention but also kick up the sales. But keep in mind to properly train and educate baristas regarding the special menu.

2. Peppermint Mocha

As the winter has already set, trying something different from the usual coffee menu can light up your festive days. That said, the peppermint mocha becomes one of the most popular coffee drinks to try during December. Whether you are looking for a regular mocha or white chocolate, this peppermint mocha is going to be the most demanded coffee beverage for this month.

3. Log Cabin Latte

This is one of the least known latte drinks but one of the unique ways where a café can showcase its festive menu to brighten up their season. Log Cabin Latte serves this delightful holiday drink which is made with a mixture of espresso, cinnamon, a teaspoon of maple syrup, and a teaspoon of butter. Are you looking for a unique coffee drink to try out during these winter holidays? Then check this log cabin latte.

4. Plain black coffee

What else can be more refreshing than a cup of plain black coffee during these chilly days? There’s nothing wrong with a regular brewer that makes a traditional cup of coffee. You can either take it with cream, sugar, or have it plain.

5. Bring on exciting deals

Who doesn’t love promo deals? Special offers excite us as we can buy more and save more that will help both the parties. Giving a promo deal can be eye-catching which will make them click on the order right away!

Package deals such as combo packs including customized coffee mug + coffee capsules or delicious coffee drinks with chocolate goodies and hampers are an easy way to drive up sales as they are economical and make any consumer feel special!

6. Enhance the Ambience

Festivals give off the holiday vibe where we love to spend time with family and friends. A café with an excellent ambiance not only feels cozy but also puts the customers in a festive mood.

5. Festive Merchandise

We will focus on the budget aspect here but if the café budget allows you to loosen the purse strings a little bit, you can always sell festive merchandise to your customers. We all want to gift something special to our loved ones. So, what if we find those goodies at our favorite café? For instance, Starbucks Coffee Mugs specially designed for Christmas and other festivities are quite famous and are considered cool and funky.