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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Coffee Blenders for Your Café

How to Choose a Good Blender for a Café or a Shakes Outlet?

Thick shakes, smoothies, frappes, and frozen cocktails are the perfect recipe for cooling off during the scorching summer heat. To create a mouth-watering menu of cocktails for your customers, you need the best blenders in the market. A good coffee blender helps you make customized smoothies and milkshakes. 

But how do you choose the best coffee blender? Don’t worry! We present a comprehensive guide to buying the perfect coffee blender for your cafe.

Here are some things to look for when making your purchase. 

Heavy or Light Duty

If you are offering smoothies and milkshakes, then you need a high-powered coffee blender. These blenders can be used continuously every day, and you don’t need to worry about any burnout. You can grind even tough-to-crush ingredients like nuts, ice cubes, carrots, or chocolate chips to a fine consistency with these blenders. 

The Drink Machine Two-Speed is the best choice for out-of-the-world frappes, frozen coffee drinks, shakes, granitas, or fruit smoothies. 

Capacity and Durability

The size of the jar decides the capacity of your coffee blender. If you have high customer volumes, then you need blenders with high-capacity jars. There are food blenders with a capacity of 24 litres that are designed for large batches.

Commercial coffee blenders have to handle heavy usage and need to be durable. They should also be well-assembled to weather years of continuous use. 

You can serve delicious fruit smoothies to thick shakes with the Vitamix Drink Machine Advance. It offers six optimized programs for consistent quality and an advanced container with 50% more capacity. The Vitamix Barboss Advance is ideal for blended drinks or purees with automatic shut-off and pulse control. 

Easy Maintenance

As a cafe owner, you’ll be busy with different activities. As a result, you need to invest in coffee blenders  that are low maintenance. This means that cleaning the blender should not be time-consuming, and the blades should be of high quality and not require frequent sharpening. 

Type of Jar

The material used for jars could be either polycarbonate glass or stainless steel. If you have a high volume of business, use polycarbonate glass. If you require large jars, then choose the ones with handles for easy carrying. 

Jars should have measurement markers so that preparing the same quantity of smoothies and shakes becomes easier. You can go for stackable jars if your cafe needs many blenders. 

Controls and Noise Levels

With a high flow of customers, speed of service is important. Your best choice is to have programmable controls with which you can set the power levels and timers. With these controls, you can provide consistently high-quality smoothies at a faster rate. 

If a noise-free environment is a priority, you should ideally choose polycarbonate jars. Try the Vitamix Quiet One and the T&G Blending Station for a noise-free experience. Both blenders offer unparalleled sound reduction and offer smoothies or frappes of perfect consistency. 

Final Thoughts

Always invest in the right coffee blenders for the best smoothies and shakes. Kaapi Machines offer top-notch coffee blenders that you can buy without a second thought. You can check out their range of options for the best blenders for your cafe needs.