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Behind every perfect cup of joy, there is a barista

Behind every perfect cup of joy, there is a barista

Covid-19 has affected everyone in the coffee supply chain – from makers to baristas. More than 90% of the cafés had to close their doors (even though temporarily) due to lack of business. While some coffee shops were merely surviving, the sudden loss of business devastated few café owners.

As much as it affects cafés, it also affects the people who work there. Thousands of baristas worldwide have lost their jobs or are undergoing a pay cut. Though times are tough, customers are doing their share to support cafés and baristas. After all, baristas play a key role in enhancing the profile of a café.

The Life of a Barista

Barista – the coffee artisans who create stunning espresso drinks in cafes. Though Baristas were prominent only in Italy, the growth of big coffee chains and global development accepted the coffee culture significantly. From signature drinks to competing in barista championships, the profile of a Barista is rising as many people love to indulge in this challenging and artistic profile.

But it’s a lot more than just pushing buttons on a coffee machine or drawing the perfect creation.

For most of the baristas, the day begins early by ensuring that the equipment runs efficiently before the orders pour in. Apart from cleaning the espresso machines, they need to have all the supplies in their range. From the right coffee beans to the perfect coffee grind and finally pouring in fitting cups and saucers, baristas have their hands full all the time. The passion of a barista also lies in delivering quality customer service. After all, self-satisfaction begins by serving others.

5 key ingredients that Baristas use to give you that perfect cup of joe.

As Baristas, they carry these five vital ingredients that will give us coffee that not only looks great but tastes delightful as well.

1. Pride

A barista knows how to make customers happy and show absolute pleasure by sharing their skills with every consumer who walks in. This not only gives them fulfillment but equally motivates them to do better. So, when they make coffee, it’s not just a beverage but also a masterpiece which they are equally proud of.

2. Passion

Passion – A powerful enthusiasm for a thing. A barista is fueled by passion as she/he wakes up every morning to deliver that luscious coffee. You will always find something about coffee which excites you and makes you deliver more – by learning, improving, and performing 100%. From creating latte arts to making great coffee and channeling the passion into something more is what separates baristas from one another to bring the best to the table.

3. Diligence

From knowing the best brew ratios to preheating the coffee cups, the easiest and the simplest ways are what makes people surpass expectations. The skills and meticulousness in bringing the right flavor and taste are what makes a great Barista.

4. Consistency

Diligence without consistency is simply momentary brilliance. This doesn’t mean to limit your creativity. The key is in being imaginative, experimenting with the brew ratios, and creating new latte art while delivering absolute consistency.

5. Knowledge

With the industry constantly evolving, baristas are always researching. This helps them learn new skills and stay updated with anything new in this arena. From discovering new coffees to infusing new flavors, baristas are in the learning process to stay updated and motivated.

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