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Learn the Art of Professional Coffee Making

Learn the Art of Professional Coffee Making

For a true patron of coffee, nothing gives a greater kick than a perfectly brewed cup. The taste often depends on who’s making the coffee or where you’re sourcing your coffee from. Cafes have specialist coffee makers or baristas who churn out delicious coffee customized to the needs of every patron.

If you’re dreaming of making coffee like a professional barista, we have the perfect solution for you! This easy-to-follow guide will help you in the art of professional coffee-making. It outlines the various aspects of coffee-making that you’ll master if you sign up for a barista course.

Master the Basics

To be a professional barista, you need to know the basics. This includes the coffee itself, blending, processing methods, tasting, and roasting. For example, Arabica coffee beans are used for black coffee, while Robusta is the best bet for an espresso. You need to know the different processing methods like natural dry process, washed-wet process, and honey-pulped natural process. 

Coffee tasting involves the aroma, acidity, body, flavor, and aftertaste. Cupping is used to identify high-quality coffees. A barista course can offer you great insights into all these basic processes. 

The Art of Making Cappuccinos

A lot goes into making that delicious Cappuccino. You require the right mix of coffee powder and high-quality full-fat milk. Baristas use milk with a higher protein content that provides a consistent layer of foam. The low-fat content in the milk is what gives you that classic flavor. In short, to get that cup of coffee right, you need to be an expert with milk.

For example, you need to get the foam right, followed by the espresso, the cappuccino process, and using the right equipment.

Brewing Methods

The flavor of the coffee also depends on the way it’s brewed. There are different coffee brewing methods like the Pour-over, Coffee Maker, French Press, AeroPress, Siphon, or the Cold Brew Method. While all these involve ground coffee, a filter, and water, they all have different techniques that result in varied flavors. 

Clean Equipment

The barista must keep the equipment clean to increase its life and maintain the quality of the coffee. The equipment needs to be descaled regularly, and you can use grinder cleaning solutions like Urnex Grindz and Rinza for milk systems in the coffee machine. 

The machine needs to be cleaned after every shot of espresso you serve. A clean backflush works wonders for the machine, and this removes grounds and oils. The drip tray needs to be emptied and washed. Keeping these cleaning tips in mind will make you a better barista. 

Coffee Art

Your latte is incomplete without the artist’s touch. To get the design perfect, you need to invest in the right coffee machine. You can perfect these skills with the right techniques. Don’t forget your milk pitcher or jug, a cup, and a tool like a latte art pen. Of course, you also need milk, coffee, and chocolate syrup for your latte.

For passionate coffee lovers like you, Kaapi Machines offer some amazing courses like ‘Barista Skills’, ‘Cupping’ or ‘Manual Brewing.’ You can also sign up for an intensive 14-hour Crop to Cup workshop to become a coffee expert.

Final Thoughts

The courses on barista training at Kaapi Machines ensure that you learn all the tips and tricks to make coffee like a professional. There are two skill levels for the courses, and you can choose one that suits you best. Sign up for a barista course today!