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Opening a coffee shop? Here are the 5 best coffee machines to help you get started

Opening a coffee shop? Here are the 5 best coffee machines to help you get started

If you are planning to set up a quaint little café to spread the love for coffee, we are here to make matters easy for you!

Opening a cafe requires meticulous planning and preparation. Right from ambience to equipment, location to service – everything needs to be perfect. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of the five best coffee machines for coffee shops.

WMF Espresso Machine

Espresso shots are popular as a drink in itself or as a base in a milk-based beverage like cappuccino and latte. Considering its popularity, it is important to have a machine that makes the perfect espresso shot. The new WMF espresso detects the portafilter automatically, controls the brewing time, signals when grinding degree needs readjusting, grinds the coffee and tamps with 100% consistency and everything you need for a perfect espresso. The machine also comes with two air-cooled bean hoppers for different types of coffee beans, extensive software settings via touch screen and many more features.

Classe 9 USB Xcelsius Coffee Machine

With a user interface and on-board computer with display, this is state of the art coffee technology that will make your life at the coffee shop easier. Its standard features include one filter holder for two coffees per brewing unit, two cool-touch steam wands, electric cup warmer, and programmable time and temperature. The machine is a perfect fit to make your baristas work more efficiently.

RS 1 Rancilio Speciality Espresso Machine

It makes the espresso-making process easier with its brewing technology and workflow design. The temperature control is so precise that every shot is fine-tuned, resulting in a precise flavour profile. The preparation time is reduced, which makes for better customer experience.

Classe 11 USB Xcelsius

Classe 11 USB Xcelsius is a perfect fit to meet the needs of your specialty café. Class 11 USB Xcelsius uses state-of-the-art technology to create that perfect espresso blend. Its interface fitted out with a touchscreen command panel is inspired by the latest generation of smartphones.

Classe 5 USB Espresso Machine

Aesthetically pleasing to the contemporary eye, this espresso machine delivers the best traditional taste. Independent heat exchangers, electrical heating, 2 filter holders for two coffee and 1 filter holder for one coffee, 2 steam wands, 1 hot water dispenser, built-in volumetric pump, on-board computer, USB port, etc. are some of its many cutting-edge features.

This list can give you the start you want, and you may even come across other equipment such as ovens and display refrigerators, countertop warmers and display cabinets, etc. to add to the allure of your coffee shop. We at Kaapi Machines provide the perfect coffee machines for coffee shops: our machines are uniquely designed to understand your coffee preferences! Know more here: