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The only coffee shop equipment list to consider before opening a café

Cafes and coffee shops are a great investment in today’s world since people are constantly looking for quick-fixes and instant-energy boosters. Coffee is one beverage that is popular amongst a wide range of audience across varied age groups.

A quiet café at the street corner is often home to bookworms, writers, young entrepreneurs and gamers. One can see why cafes are sprouting like mushrooms today.

If you’re looking to open a café and want to know what to add to the shopping list, look no further. Here is a comprehensive coffee shop equipment list that will bring your ideas to life.

Semi-automatic coffee machine

A high-quality semi-automatic machine is mandatory since customers’ orders often include the espresso element, with or without steamed milk; including lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, and macchiato. Buy a new machine with a warranty, since it is a good investment in the long run.

Espresso grinder

Apart from the common grinder, having a specially designed espresso grinder can ensure that the ground is best suited for the drink. It maximises the availability of rich oils and flavours.


Coffee has taken various avatars and coffee-based milkshakes can be seen widely on the menus. Blended drinks and coolers have also gained quite a popularity amongst the masses.

Ovens and toasters

Baked goods go well with coffee. The aroma of freshly baked bread draws many customers towards coffee shops. Get cooking and baking equipment like ovens, toasters, induction stoves, etc. at your cafe to serve toast and sandwiches, bagels and pastries, along with a perfectly brewed coffee.

Refrigeration system

The effect of a visual display when it comes to delicious food cannot be discounted. Having a refrigerated display for your bakery items can increase impulse sales. You also need to have counter fridge units to keep fresh goodies and dairy products.

Countertop display warmer

This catches your customers’ attention as soon as they walk into your coffee shop. Right under the counter, it allows you to showcase freshly baked hot goods.


A neat little coffee shop is only complete if there are neatly stacked shelves of bread and muffins, mugs and coffee beans for sale, and other pretty trinkets. It will add to the quaintness and ambience of the café.

Food prepping table

If you want to serve fresh food, it is necessary to have your workspace for it. This bench should be devoid of any machines or appliances to give you enough space to cut and make your sandwiches or burgers.

Miscellaneous items

Include in this list all the regular items you need to make and serve food: steel pitchers, teapots, frothing spoons, glasses, mugs, cups, saucers, shot glasses, cutlery, etc.

Hope this list will help you kickstart your business and brew some happiness in your customer’s life. We at Kaapi Machines ensure that your cafe runs smoothly and efficiently with our robust and versatile coffee machines specially curated for cafes of all nature!