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3 best coffee machines for small offices in India

3 best coffee machines for small offices in India

A perfect strong shot of espresso is what you need to begin a busy day at your workplace. Nowadays, every office space – however big or small – has coffee machines for their employees. We will assist you in making the right choice if you have a small office and are concerned about which coffee machine would work best in your workspace.

Given the anticipated high demand and small space in a small-medium-sized workplace, you need an affordable, compact, simple-to-use automatic coffee machine for the office with good capacity and output. Research suggests that offering a decent cup of coffee in an office space can maintain employee productivity and focus.

Why does a small workplace need an automatic coffee machine?

In a small workplace, having an automatic coffee vending machine can have a lot of advantages for both the employee and the business. The convenience that an automatic coffee machine offers is one of its key benefits. Employees can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in just a few minutes with the push of a button. As a result, they can concentrate on their tasks, saving them their effective time and effort. Employees’ moods and energy levels can also be improved by the aroma of freshly made coffee, which promotes a sense of harmony in the workplace. Automatic coffee machines for the office may eventually prove to be a cost-effective option and can assist in lowering the costs associated with buying coffee from coffee shops. The higher administration and human resource department can also keep track of coffee consumption per day. It is a little investment that can significantly change the workplace environment.

The following three coffee vending machines are the finest options for small offices in India:

Kalerm 2601 Pro

KLM 2601 Pro is a commercial-grade high-end fully automated bean-to-cup coffee machine manufactured by Kalerm. Its compact size makes it a preferred choice for small-medium sized offices and does not affect the fabulous aroma of coffee brew. It has dual heating with an in-build grinder and a large bean container. The machine comes with an auto-clean function and water waste tray making it easier to maintain it well. By adding the coffee beans, KLM 2601 Pro coffee machine for the office can serve the coffee of your choice. It is a top-of-the-line choice for any business looking to serve high-quality coffee drinks. This is a well-designed coffee machine that will fit right in with the décor of your space.

Kalerm 96L

The Kalerm K96L is a fully automatic office coffee machine that lets you easily make any of your favorite coffee drinks. It has a patented brewing unit system that can make more than 20 programmable and customizable drinks, such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso, and long coffee. With a 19-bar pressure pump and 2700W of heating power, it features a dual pump and dual heating system for high performance and maximum temperature stability. The double outlets for milk and coffee allow it to prepare two cups of coffee simultaneously. It is ideal for use at small or medium-sized workplaces.


The WMF 1100S is an ideal fully automated beans-to-cup machine for the office. This compact machine gives a range of flawless coffee varieties with the press of a single button. The best way to promote a better working environment and ensure a fresh drive every day is to invest in WMF 1100S. In addition to high-quality coffee beans, water, and fresh milk, you need one major exclusive experience of taste. This experience comes with our professional technology of WMF 1100S. It is the best office coffee machine in the segment.

WMF 1100S
Before investing in a coffee vending machine for the office, keep the following pointers into consideration:

  1. The size of your organization
  2. Consistency in terms of quality and diversity
  3. Easy to use and maintain
  4. Professional installation and end-to-end support

Understanding what to look for can help you choose the equipment that best aligns with your needs. The advanced and professional coffee equipment that we offer at Kaapi Machines will enable you to serve a unique coffee experience to your employees.