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5 best coffee machines in India: Review and buying guide

5 best coffee machines in India: Review and buying guide

For coffee to taste spot-on, it is essential to have an authentic, well-crafted coffee machine. Whether the coffee is enjoyed at the office or served at a café, real coffee connoisseurs can spot even the slightest difference in taste. If you are looking for a bean to cup or speciality coffee machine for your café or office, here’s a list of five best semi-automatic and automatic coffee machines in India.

Classe 11 USB Xcelsius

Classe 11 USB Xcelsius is a perfect fit to meet the needs of your specialty café. Class 11 USB Xcelsius uses state-of-the-art technology to create that perfect espresso blend. Its interface fitted out with a touchscreen command panel is inspired by the latest generation of smartphones.

WMF Coffee Machine 5000 S+

This elegantly engineered machine has high-performance features, customisable options, and innovations that improve customer satisfaction. The operation takes little to no effort, and the machine functions well over the long term. It works rather fast, and can simultaneously dispense coffee drinks and hot water with the help of the optimised boiler. The heavy-duty brewer has a 19-gram capacity which allows you to brew large batches in a single instalment. All in all, it is perfect if you’re running a coffee shop.

K95L Coffee Machine

With 20 programmable beverages on offer, this fully automatic machine offers options for customisation. It also has a large capacity and works quite fast. It is powered by a heating power of 2700 watts and has a pre-brew system. It has two pumps and two thermo-block heating systems. It can take 30 to 35 portions of coffee grounds. It caters to the varied preferences of coffee lovers and could be the perfect bargain for your office.

KLM 1603

This machine is perfect for enjoying a great cup of espresso or cappuccino with a press of a single button. The machine is simple, and classy in its design. With the heating power of 1400 W, water tank capacity of 1.8 L and pump pressure of 19 Bar, the machine is not just very convenient for small offices but also and super easy to operate.

Kalerm KLMK90L Automatic Coffee Machine

Kalerm KLMK90L has a staggering capacity of one ton a day and requires a power of 2700 watts. Its maximum capacity is 246 ounces and it comes with auto boiling, indication light, and an LCD. It can be the ideal additions to popular and sophisticated cafés.

These are just a few of the best coffee machines in India. Select the one that best fits your requirement. At Kaapi Machines, we understand the varied tastes of customers, just like the myriad flavours of coffee itself. Visit to know more about our wide range of professional and state-of-the-art coffee equipment that will help you prepare the perfectly brewed cup of coffee.