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Aeropress Championship India, 2019

aeropress championship

Since it was introduced in 2005, the AeroPress coffee brewing method has been gaining a lot of attention from ardent coffee lovers and cafes all over the globe. AeroPress brewing delivers only the finest and unique cup of brew, immediately separating it in taste and quality from the rest. 

Lightweight, manual, inexpensive, quick, unbreakable, and good coffee- all of it accumulated defines the AeroPress brewer best and every coffee enthusiast would agree to that. 

To encourage coffee enthusiasts and brewers who are fans of the AeroPress brewer, the AEROPRESS CHAMPIONSHIP INDIA 2019 will be held in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Mysuru from August – September 2019. Here is more on what the competition is going to be like and the rules that you need to follow. 

What is the AeroPress Challenge?

The AeroPress Challenge is an annual, multi-round international competition for coffee enthusiasts around the globe. The participants will be judged for the world’s best brew of AeroPress coffee. This year, in 2019, the AeroPress World Championship is taking place in London after a series of regional and national level competitions in parts of the world, hosted by independent handlers across 60 countries. All in all, the World AeroPress Championship endures, to bring together all coffee-loving people into an open, inclusive, and fun environment.

What happens in the AeroPress Challenge?

In every round of the AeroPress Challenge, there will be a face-off among three competitors, who will each brew one cup of coffee using their AeroPress grinders. The multi-round, elimination tournament competition will have three competitors brewing coffee simultaneously. The competition will be judged by a panel of three judges.  The competitors, in precisely 8 minutes, will prepare, brew and present their cup of coffee to the judges. 


The brew is served in identical vessels to eliminate any biases among the judges. Each judge will then individually evaluate each cup presented to them and make their own assessment of the best one. The judgement is purely the personal preference of each judge and no discussions are done to make the final decision. 

Once the judges have finished evaluating the brew they point towards their favourite cup of coffee. The winner moves to the next round and the rest are eliminated. 

What are the rules of the AeroPress Challenge?

The AeroPress Challenge presents the following rules to its participants-

  1. Participants are to only use a genuine AeroPress brewer. No other brewer may be used in the drink preparation.
  2. Participants must utilize all three parts of a genuine AeroPress brewer- the chamber, the plunger, and the filter cap. They are not allowed to use any aftermarket or inauthentic parts. 
  3. The only allowed ingredients for the brew are ground coffee and water.
  4. Participants cannot use any type of filter, considering it does not replace the filter cap itself (see rule #2). The filter can be made out of paper, metal, cloth, or any other material.
  5. Competitors are welcome to bring their own grinder, kettle, scales, water, or other equipment.
  6. If the hosts have specified a competition coffee, this is the only coffee that may be used.
  7. Competitors must present a minimum of 150ml of brewed coffee, in the vessel provided.
  8. Coffee that is not prepared within the 8-minute time limit will not be evaluated.
  9. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in disqualification.


This year, in 2019, one of the AeroPress Challenge winners from India is going to represent the country in the World AeroPress Championship in London. Kaapi Machines are the exclusive distributor of Mahlkonig, the grinder brand, and the proud sponsor of World AeroPress Championship. 

Here’s wishing good luck to all the participants.