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Amazing coffee guaranteed every single time with Probat Coffee Roaster

Amazing coffee guaranteed every single time with Probat Coffee Roaster-1

If you are looking for the best commercial coffee roaster for your café, then you have landed on the right place. The PROBAT coffee roaster is not just a coffee roasting machine but offers the flavour profile that customers need. PROBAT – the brand is known for delivering cutting-edge technology in coffee grinding solutions. PROBAT’s product range includes a drum, tangential and centrifugal roasters. These coffee roasters can create all kinds of roasts for all product segments and specialized applications.

Features and functions of the PROBAT roaster

Trusted by coffee roasters in the industry, the PROBAT coffee bean roaster is rated as the best and top coffee roaster among the brewers.

  1. Maximum control – Total control of the roasting process due to infinitely adjustable heating system.
  2. Ease of use – The PROBAT coffee roaster comes with few variables to control. Hence deciding on a roast profile is easy and simple.
  3. Simultaneous roasting and cooling.
  4. Unique shovel mechanism for optimum mixing – With a wide range of variants with proven advanced technology, the PROBAT shop roasters use specially developed shovel mechanism in all machine sizes to move the beans in the drum. This guarantees the best-possible mixing at a pre-determined rotation speed.
  5. Infinitely adjustable heating ensures stable roasting profiles – A controlled flow of hot air roasts the beans via convection with minimum drum contact. This results in a uniform bean pattern thereby delivering consistently high-quality coffee.
  6. Straightforward operation with digital time and temperature display.
  7. Separate cyclone with an exceptionally high degree of separation – you can connect two roasters to just one cyclone.
  8. Easy emptying of the bin for chaff.
  9. A single motor concept with direct drives.
  10. Removable sidewalls for simplified servicing.
  11. Hand crank for emptying the roaster in case of power outage.
  12. Variable airflow and variable drum speed options for better profile accuracy on smaller and larger batches.
  13. The PROBAT Sample Roaster has a batch capacity of 200g and is therefore particularly suitable for the evaluation of various green coffees, the development of recipes, and the creation of blends.

About Drum roasting

The drum roasting of coffee is the oldest process and still the most common way of roasting coffee. In drum roasting, the coffee beans are put in the rotating roasting drum. The drum is set at temperature, not as hot as in hot air-roasting. Simultaneously, the beans take about 10-15 minutes to crack which is considered to be the perfect time to finish the roasting process. A gentle drum roasting process delivers balanced and flavour-intensive coffee. One such drum roaster is the Probatone drum roaster from the family of PROBAT coffee roasters.

The final word:

With roasting capacities ranging from 17 to 85 kgs of roast coffee per hour, the PROBATONE coffee shop roasters are ideal for small to medium sized roasting facilities. Probat being one of the best-known drum roasters, offer an unexceptional flavour of coffee as the end product.

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