What is so great about Carimali Coffee Machine?


Carimali is a breakthrough innovation in the beverage industry that started in the year 1919. Today, the name is known for the production of fully automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines. The brand preserves the essence of traditional coffee-making methods while bringing innovation in the flavours which cater to an international taste.

Led by these pillars of novelty, every Carimali Coffee Machine offers top-notch quality and expert craftsmanship with its design and operation. Take a look at its cutting-edge products, which offer no less than exclusivity and seamless operations each time you decide to sip on a cup of fresh and delicious coffee!

Carimali offers its prestigious innovation across four different variants of coffee machines, namely:

  • La Carimali Bubble
  • La Carimali Blue Dot Plus
  • La Carimali DivaPRO
  • La Carimali CA250

Emerging as a popular choice among these is the La Carimali Bubble variant, known for its commendable performance, matching with a competitive pricing structure. Let us tell you some more about the features of the La Carimali Bubble machine, which make it the preferred choice for most restaurants and coffee shops. 

What’s Special About La Carimali Bubble?

Pick the La Carimali Bubble Coffee Machine if you are planning to install it in a small coffee shop or a restaurant. At the forefront of its commendable performance is its pocket-friendly function with provision for some basic technologies.

Fashioned to operate as a crackerjack model from Carimali, the La Carimali Bubble is your solution for top-quality and valued performance. Standing out uniquely among its companions, the La Carimali Bubble has round-shaped sides, making it an outstanding machine with attractive design. It is available in high and low-raised groups with some quality features, making it perfect for cafeterias and restaurants. 

Among its many features is the comfort of a user-friendly display and seamless programming for infusing various drink selections. The machine comes with a pressure gauge for the purpose of steam building and pumping and a temperature probe that helps you control the pressure of the steam boiler. 

Optionally, the machine can also be fixed with a cup warmer and manual milk frother so that you can brew a customized cup of coffee at your comfort. The boiler capacity of the machine varies from 4 litres to 14 litres, going from a one group option to a three-group option. 

With a convenient display option and comfortable dimensions, this machine is a stellar choice for your commercial establishment. 

What’s Different About Every Carimali Coffee Machine?

Every Carimali Coffee Machine stands out as an exemplary display of quality and perfection. The use of specific technology features in each machine ensures that every cup of coffee which it brews remains intact with the freshness of authentic coffee powder and uplifts your spirits with its seamless performance. What remains universally the same for every La Carimali Bubble machine is their standard of quality which is singular to the Carimali brand.With every cup of coffee, you should get a whiff of superior quality and flavour to make your day special. If you are willing to try the La Carimali Bubble, then Kaapi Machines work as a great distributor that can help you with your co