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Pull in Customers to Your Café With These Amazing Creamy Coffee Drinks


A cafe provides its customers a break from the mundane routine and gives a chance to socialise with the added bonus of good quality coffee with varying tastes. If you are running a cafe, you need a proper understanding of people’s needs and should also have an updated menu at all times. People come to cafes to find the latest variety of coffee and to experiment with what will be their go-to coffee drinks. While the ambience of the cafe is important, it is your coffee drink quality and variety that will help you retain customers. 

If you run a cafe and plan to pull in customers to your café, you need to have some of the latest creamy coffee drinks that your regular customers will get hooked on. Read on to find out the coffee options that you definitely must include in your coffee menu!

Creamy Coffee Drinks That People Love to Have in the Cafe

Creamy coffee is everyone’s favourite as it has heavy cream, giving the coffee the creamiest taste. Besides it, below are the best drinks that you could provide in your café to attract customers:


It is a coffee drink made of Espresso, hot milk, and foamed milk on the top. In most places, cappuccino is often prepared with an espresso machine as it is a more convenient method. 

Flat white: 

It is another coffee drink that is made of espresso, microfoam, steamed milk with small yet fine bubbles and has a glossy or velvety consistency. Many people get confused between a latte and flat white creamy coffee drinks, but they are different. The flat white coffee has a smaller volume and has less microfoam. 

Vienna Coffee: 

Vienna Coffee is the most famous traditional creamy coffee beverage. It is made by preparing two shots of intense black Espresso in a standard-sized coffee cup. Then it is infused with coffee and whipped cream as a replacement for milk and sugar until the coffee cup is filled. 


The name of the coffee is derived from how it is made. The word means stained or marked in Italian. It is another creamy coffee that has an Espresso base. It is then topped with little frothed milk. If people like the mild taste, you could add a bit more frothed milk. In the end, finish the creamy coffee drink by sprinkling the top with chocolate flakes if desired. 

Coffee Machines Used in the Cafe

Among different types of coffee machines, cafes mostly use semi-automatic ones and blenders. 

Semi-automatic coffee machines: It enables you to play around with various coffee beans and their grind sizes and make the perfect Espresso in precisely the way one prefers. You can use it very simply, and all you have to do is grind the beans, attach the portafilter to the machine and it takes care of the rest.

The most commonly used semi-automatic coffee machines are Rancilio Classe 5 USB and Rancilio Classe 9 USB. While the first one will give you an amalgamation of traditional coffee and aesthetics, the latter provides you with all the modern techniques. It is quite sturdy because of aluminium, stainless steel and shock-absorbing side panels. 

Blenders:  A standard blender is used to perfectly grind the coffee beans to make the best creamy coffee drinks. The coffee beans have to be ground finely and with patience. The Quiet One by Vitamix or Barboss Advance is the perfect blender for any cafe. With superb speed and excellent sound cancellation, the former blender can give you a superb experience whereas the Barboss Advance comes with pulse control and advanced programs to provide you with blended cocktails and mixed purees. Other than these two, you can go for Drinking Machine Advance, T & G Blending Station and Drinking Machines two Speed

If you are opening a cafe and need to make creamy coffee, go for trusted distributors like Kaapi Machines without a doubt. Their products can certainly bring a revolution to your cafe!