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Mahlkönig DK15

With a strong pioneering spirit, Mahlkönig breaks new ground in premium coffee grinding and sets the trends of tomorrow. The grinders of the manufacture from Hamburg combine German workmanship and innovative technology – inspired by the highest demands of the international specialty coffee community.

The Mahlkonig DK15 grinder has an outstanding even grinding quality. It has wear-resistant premium burrs which makes it perfect for roasteries. It has a powerful three-phase motor with surface cooling and high starting torque – suitable for continuous operation. The Mahlkonig DK 15 grinder is easy to use and requires less maintenance because of the constantly greased bearings. The capacity of the ground material container has a capacity of 200 liters making it a perfect industrial grinder.

The Mahlkonig DK15 requires a small space and acts as an easily movable container for the ground product. It is equipped with a tight discharge chute for dust-reduced grinding. The large hoppers ensure a seamless grinding experience.

Mahlkonig DK15 also has a lock plate to interrupt the feeding of the product to be ground. It has integrated hopper magnets as a protection against metal in the product.
The grinder has a powerful three-phase motor with surface cooling along with air cooling of grinder casing and high starting torque which makes them very suitable for continuous use. The brand ensures motor protection against electrical overload. The DK15 is extremely wear-resistant owing to the precision grinding discs for careful cutting of the material.

The grind adjustment wheel provides fine, accurately repeatable control of the degree of grinding fineness. The DK15 is a solid proven industrial grinder for permanent use.

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Technical Details

Voltage // frequencies // phases

380-415 V // 50/60 Hz // 3~

208-220 V // 50/60 Hz // 3~

Idle speed

 1440 rpm (50 Hz); 1730 rpm (60 Hz)

Burr diameter

130 mm

Burr material

Fully hardened special steel (DK15 LS, DM15 LS)

Fully hardened special cast steel (DK15 L, DP15 L, DG15 L)

 Tungsten Carbide (DK15 LH)  

Grinding capacity - fine* kg/h (approx.

 2105 (DK15 L)

120 (DK15 LS)

130 (DG15 L)

150 (DM15 LS)

200 (DP15 L)

Grinding capacity - medium* kg/h (approx.)

115 (DK15 L)

130 (DK15 LS, DK15 LH)

150 (DG15 L)

Bean hopper capacity

approx. 30 kg 

Max. nominal power

2200 W

Dimensions (w x h x d)

79 x 155 x 123 cm (incl. base)

69 x 70 x 79 cm l 200 l (container)

Dimensions of packing (w x h x d)

Depends on individual version and equipment

Net weight

132 kg (incl. base)

Gross weight

Depends on individual version and equipment

Standard colors:

Textured, reddish grey