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Grinders: Differentiate among Shop, Retail & Espresso Grinders

Grinders: Differentiate among Shop, Retail & Espresso Grinders

Opening a successful cafe is a rewarding experience. You are in the business of making mornings brighter and afternoons less stressful. For you, people will fall in love, makeup after a fight and have friendly conversations. Just remember, your cafe’ is as good as the coffee. And a good grinder is a must for enjoying a good cup of coffee. So the first step to opening a coffee shop is to know the types of coffee grinders and understand their differences. This will help you to choose the right kind of grinder for your business.

Shop Grinders
Shop grinders have a moderate grinding capacity that makes it a perfect fit for small-sized cafe’ or coffee shops. In a small cafe’, efficiency goes a long way. Shop grinders are specifically designed to grind coffee beans with maximum expertise. The texture will help you maintain the quality of coffee even when you get an unexpected rush. A good grinder will support a smooth workflow as well as maintain an uncompromising quality of the coffee.

Among all other types of coffee grinders, shop grinders are the smallest model. Hence these are easy to operate and also easy to clean.


  • Easy to clean
  • These are small models which makes it portable, in case the business needs to move to a different venue
  • It is very simple to operate
  • Can grind a variety of coffee beans
  • Maintains a standard grinding measure irrespective of the kind of coffee beans.

Retail Grinders

These types of coffee grinders are equipped with advanced technology and heavy machinery that helps to perform a massive quantity of grinding with ease. It is designed smartly to fit in restrictive space. So don’t let their model size fool you.


  • The motor keeps the grinder cool during extended grinding times
  • Allows you to control the fineness of your grind
  • Has varied grinding setting. Each setting brings in a different flavour. You can choose which one to apply for
  • Equipped with automatic shutoff. It never grinds too much or too little. It just stops when it’s perfect.
  • Can hold ounces of beans
  • Has powerful grinding blades

Espresso Grinders

Among all types of coffee grinders, espresso grinders are the most sophisticated. It has more value than an espresso machine. It can be work in a large, medium or small cafe with equal ease. It can serve 25 cups per hour on an average basis.

  • Easy to train staffs to operate the machine
  • Can easily handle a large base of people with strictly regulated quality
  • Equipped with porta-filters
  • These types of coffee grinders are programmable
  • Able to grind coffee to fine uniform particles on a repetitive basis
  • It’s possible to regulate extremely minute adjustments to the size of the grind