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How to make the best cold brew coffee using the Toddy Cold Brew System?

How to make the best cold brew coffee using the Toddy Cold Brew System?

Our knowledge dictates that hot water is a must in order to make a cup of coffee. However for a very long time now, people have been indulging in coffee preparations that rule out the necessity of hot water. The Toddy Cold Brew System uses the most accurate method of making cold or iced coffee. Cold-brew coffee tastes better due to its low acidic content. It reduces the acidity by 67% that is usually present in hot coffee. This is why people who are not regular hot coffee drinkers, do not bother to indulge in a creamy and sophisticated cold coffee.

The cold brew system is easy to use and gives you a perfect extraction. You just need a little guidance for starting perfectly to operate it with ease. First thing first! Be sure that you have the following parts before you start brewing.

  • Brewing container (can be used as a storage container that fits perfectly inside of the refrigerator and also looks good on the hall room table.
  • Glass decanter
  • Decanter lid
  • Brewing handle
  • Toddy filter
  • 1 Rubber stopper

A lot of patience is required to follow and understand the instructions. To get started, choose your favourite brand of coffee and grind until coarse. Following are the two types of methods to brew:

  • The Toddy dual filtration
  • The Toddy classic

The Toddy dual filtration (uses both the disposable and felt filters)

  • We have to push the rubber stopper into the lowest part of the container outside and after it is soaked we need to put in the felt filter into the base of the brewing container.
  • We need to put a filter bag inside the container and pour 12 ounces of ground coffee, to be added in 56 ounces of water. We need to stir it up gently and patiently to make a perfect mixture.
  • Next, coil the face of the bag to make sure that it is closed. Then keep it in room temperature for at least 2 hours. After it is drenched we have to take away the stopper and divert the coffee into the glass decanter. Put the lid back on the decanter before putting it inside the refrigerator to cool.

The Toddy Classic (uses only felt filters)

  • When it comes to the Toddy classic method, the initial steps of the process are just as mentioned above for the Toddy dual filtration. Only this time we have to jump a step of the paper filter and instead, we need to drain one cup water in the brewing container and then add six ounces of ground coffee.
  • After this we put three more cups of water and wait. Then we have to pour the remaining three cups of water and this time, avoid stirring.

Once you choose a particular kind of brewing method you have to follow the same brewing process throughout.

Most of us visit a cafe for cold brew coffee because we believe that making an iced coffee requires professional skills and knowledge. Buy yourself the Toddy Cold Brew System and indulge in cold brew coffee in your own sweet time.