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Home Range of Rancilio Silvia and Rocky Grinder

Home Range of Rancilio Silvia and Rocky Grinder

A refreshing cup of coffee is simply irresistible. The welcoming aroma and rich taste of that frothy coffee at your favourite cafe are perfect for getting the day started. A good cup of coffee not only fuels productivity but also gives you the much-deserved break from the hectic schedule.

Well, you can now enjoy a barista standard coffee at your home with the highly efficient home range of Rancilio Silvia and Rocky Grinder by Kaapi Machines.

At home, we are accustomed to using pre-ground coffee blends. No matter how expensive and premium they are, these ‘coffee powders’ fall short of satiating our hearts. A professional coffee grinder in your kitchen elevates the quality of coffee, making the best espresso available at your fingertips.

Why Rancilio Silvia and Rocky Grinder is the best choice for your kitchen?

  • Best in class design – The sleek and modern design of this coffee bean grinder makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. Bring home a compact commercial-grade coffee grinder that offers performance in style. The robust equipment has a stainless steel body that is durable and easy to maintain. Modelled after a commercial coffee grinder, this machine can quickly grind the beans into powder. This home range of grinders is a perfect companion for your Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. Enjoy consistent texture and aroma with every cup of espresso.
  • Rancilio’s brand assurance – Rancilio for many decades has been a popular and trusted name in the coffee industry. Rancilio coffee bean grinders are one of the finest grinders available and used in the best cafes across the world. The home range grinders are packed with the same quality, standard, and performance to make your everyday coffee world-class.
  • Enjoy the best espresso – A coffee bean grinder makes all the difference in preparing a good cup of coffee. The grinders designed for domestic use come with powerful motors that grind the beans perfectly at low speed. This prevents overheating of the ground, keeping the aroma and flavour intact. Uniformity of the coffee grounds ensures the consistency of the coffee. With simple operations, you can enjoy the best espresso shot after shot.
  • Heavy-duty performance – The motor found in Rancilio’s Rocky grinder is one of their best, which is also used in their commercial grinders. It brings you the right balance between heavy-duty performance and energy efficiency. With a 50mm grinding burr, this machine can grind anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5kg of coffee beans per hour! In case of overload, the machine switches off automatically to avoid any accidents. Every machine is tested for safety and efficiency before it finds its place in your kitchen.
  • Try different blends – Although this home range coffee grinder is best used alongside an espresso machine, it comes with various grind settings. If your heart desires to drink a Turkish or a French coffee, this equipment can grind the beans to the perfect consistency. Such flexibility allows you to appreciate different varieties of coffee brewed right in your kitchen.

If you are a coffee lover, this equipment is a must-have in your kitchen. Brew a delicious cup of espresso and enjoy a barista standard coffee, all at the comfort of your home.