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2020 Coffee Trends of India.

2020 Coffee Trends of India.

Coffee is a fundamental part of food culture around the world, and remarkable in the beverage industry. Over the past few years, the coffee industry has changed drastically for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, the modern-day cup of coffee isn’t a mere Espresso anymore, it has evolved into the most unimaginable ways.
With 2020 already upon us, it is now quite appropriate to talk about the upcoming coffee trends that modern-day to grow in the present year and even beyond that.
Therefore, before moving any further, we first need to celebrate coffee- an ever young and energetic beverage with various possibilities of brewing and consumption that is almost endless in the modern era or anytime in the future.

Trend 1: Gen-Z cafes and coffee shops
In 2020 we might see a proliferation in the number of smart cafeterias where individuals can indulge in professional activities while enjoying a simmering hot cup of coffee. Eventually, this would mean the perfect amalgamation of IoT into the world of potent beverages with the focus being on setting up professional spaces that are more like Gen-Z cafeterias. This would surely shift towards a more cohesive working space that would cater to the modern-day employees and budding entrepreneurs.

Trend 2: Customized designs
2020 might just see a global adoption of innovative coffee-centric tools that can design almost anything on a cup of coffee thereby making room for enviable customizations. One such example would the inclusion of the Ripple Maker from Kaapi Machines. Coffee printers like make use of coffee-inspired carrot powder, malt, and coffee bean extracts to personalize almost anything that comes straight from the hands of the barista.

Trend 3: Smarter machines
Paying for your coffee might be a whole lot easier. With the advancement of IoT, the coffee-centric arena is fast shifting towards customer satisfaction and friendly user interface which eventually is making way for smarter machines. A dedicated app installed on your phone can let you customize and can pay for your coffee with just a few taps. Smart machines will also improve accounting and break-down amendment options making it a seamless smart experience.

Trend 4: Nitrogen infused coffees
Coffee is evolving over the year, and this year we see continual growth in the adoption of fizzed or rather nitro coffees. This process of nitrogenization gives the coffee a silky mouthfeel. Most importantly, the inclusion of nitrogen will discourage the requirement for dairy and cream as coffee whiteners and thickening agents. Nitro machine from Kaapi machines is very versatile- it can be set up at your restaurant, café, bar and even at your house.
Kaapi Machines India Pvt. Ltd. is a complete coffee solutions company and exclusive distributor of advanced coffee equipment from some of the most iconic names from across the world.

Trend 5: Emergence of cold-brew
Individuals who are getting tired of experiencing the same old cup of cold coffee, traditional cold-brews are here to tickle your coffee craving. In a cold brew, freshest possible coffee beans are steeped inside cold water for almost a day before the same is processed and served. It changes is the PH level that goes down eventually, lowering the acidity of the brew and makes it sweeter without additional sugar in it. The Toddy Cold Brew System from Kaapi Machines uses the most textbook process for making cold or iced coffee. For those who are still looking to satiate their sweet buds without compromising on health, cold brew would be the perfect option.

Trend 6: Shifting from dairy variants
Individuals are fast shifting their glare towards the non-milk variants for coffee preparations. People are increasingly going vegan which in a way is making way for soy and almond milk. Needless to say, the current sales figure associated with Oats also reveal the fact that Oat Milk is going to be a popular coffee whitening choice in the future.

Trend 7: Inclusion of home brewing methods
People, nowadays are investing in good coffee brewers and coffee grinders. There will be a mild shift in people investing in automated products from manual brewers. As people are inclined towards aesthetics as much as functionality to brew good coffee, our home brewing accessories are instinctively-designed to brew a seamless cup of good coffee.

Trend 8: Coffee beer
Yes, you read that right! Very soon we will have a coffee-infused bear as the most saleable cocktails in the market. Before we start talking about this trend in detail, it is necessary to note that coffee mixes well with almost anything and there are quite a few breweries that have already started experimenting with this concept. Therefore, the likes of sour coffee-infused beer options are pretty much on the way.

Trend 9: Building coffee communities
Community meet-up on coffee is something that people look forward to. As this platform is growing, not just homebrewers but also the coffee growers, roasters, coffee enthusiasts and coffee shop owners are coming forward to share their opinions. This has created a massive shift in participants’ interest from brewing methods to how and from where coffee is sourced (tracing your cup), various processing methods, roasting methods, grind size, etc. It is a great way to connect, learn, exchange and ideate everything about coffee.

Trend 10: Sustainability
Sustainability is a very important trend in the coffee industry that has set in. This exercise is ardently followed by the entire coffee supply chain i.e. from planters to cafés. For eg. Planters are making a conscious effort in promoting soil health and minimize water use. Some cafes are taking an initiative of zero waste and some others are recycling paper cups and switching to biodegradable cups.

Coffee is and certainly will be omnipresent by the end of this year. While the mentioned trends are expected to hit the global shores pretty soon, the subsequent decade might see newer coffee-centric opportunities. It goes without saying that coffee is slowly becoming a widely accepted and massively celebrated drink. However, the best thing about coffee is that it supports innovation of the highest degree, regardless of the industry it is being paired with.