Exclusive Kalerm Coffee Machines of India

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The fully automatic K90L comes with a large capacity and can create multiple cups of coffee in no time. It comes with 20 programmable beverage options and a dual boiler specifically for cappuccino, often the most popular choice of coffee.



220-240V/ 50-60Hz

Variable brewing chamber

8 - 14 GM

Heating power






Water supply

6 L / Tap water

Bean hopper


Capacity of coffee grounds

30-35 cakes

Capacity of waste water


Height of coffee spout


Length of power cord



22Kg / 23Kg



Pump Pressure 

19 Bar 


How can one understand the Kalerm K 90?

The Kalerm K 90 is an ideal fully automated coffee machine, ideal for office pantries or restaurants that are looking for good quality coffee with high level of efficiency. Designed with a water inlet and dual heating system, the Kalerm K 90 executes every cup of coffee quickly, but does not compromise the taste for efficiency. Ideal to serve up to 100 cups per day.

Is the Kalerm K 90 easy to clean?

It is very easy to clean the Kalerm K 90 as:
• K 90 is designed to be highly functional, and easy to be cared for.
• Built-in with one touch cleaning function, it is highly user friendly.
• The cleaning and maintenance programmes require little effort to maintain.
• K 90 notification technology will prompt a cleaning message to ensure the hygiene of the machine.

What can be customized while purchasing the Kalerm K 90 automatic coffee machine?

The Kalerm K90 provides a wide selection of accessories to go well with K 90 to fit different user requirements. This automatic coffee machine also allows customisation of each cup of beverage, with the navigation function of coffee strength and milk/cream dispensing time.

What are the features of the Kalerm K 90?

Some of the features of the Kalerm K 90 are:
• 3.5” Color TFT touch screen
• One touch for two cups of beverages
• Preparation time for beverages is just a few seconds
• Multiple cup’s function