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How to make cappuccino with a semi-automatic coffee machine?

How to make cappuccino with a semi-automatic coffee machine?

A semi-automatic coffee machine is a must to make that perfect cup of cappuccino at your cafe. The machines are not only extremely stylish and durable but also enhance the bean and preparation quality. It is important to know how to operate a semi-automatic coffee machine at your café.

Operating a semi-automatic coffee machine requires good skill and technique. The semi-automatic machine has a non-pressurized portafilter and a traditional steam wand. It is designed in this manner so that the pressure used to extract coffee is based on the coffee grind size and the amount of force you put. For this, you need to know how to enter the grind consistency and predict the time of extraction.

It is an entry-level machine which means it’s good even for beginners. You have to manually control how long the heated water flows through the coffee, unlike in automatic machines. The machine comes with different kinds of baskets that go into the portafilter. To make a cappuccino, you use double-walled baskets that come with a pinhole at the bottom to pressurise the grounds entering the water.

Ensure that the coffee is ground fresh for a cappuccino. For a single shot, grind one scoop of coffee, and two scoops for a double shot.

The next step is to heat the machine so that the water in the reservoir gets hot. It is advisable to use filtered water since the chlorine present in tap water can affect the taste of your coffee.

To grind the coffee, attach the portafilter to the slot in the grinder, then tamp the powder down. It shouldn’t be powdered too fine.

After your machine is hot, turn it on. The light indicates the temperature, which is extremely important as it regulates the extraction of the elements of coffee beans in the portafilter. It is what determines the taste, texture, and flavour: bitter, smooth, nutty, earthy, etc. You can set the temperature to get steam or hot water, and for espresso shots what you need is steam.

You might want to steam the milk first and keep going until it begins to bubble, just under a boil. A layer of foam forms on top and it is used in the cappuccino, along with one part espresso and one part milk.

Now, to froth the milk further, set the machine on steam and put the milk pitcher under the wand to pass the steam through it. This will set it frothing. Stop right before it overflows.

Then, release some steam to cleanse the wand, change the machine temperature from steam to hot water, and purge the steam out of the system.

To make the espresso shot, take an ounce of espresso if you’re going for one shot, or two if you want a double shot. Pull two ounces of coffee from the machine into a small cup and then turn it off. If you did it right, you will be left with a layer of coffee foam.

The milk steaming and frothing is done in a milk pitcher which is poured on an espresso in a way that it forms the preferred art. Afterwards, all you need to do is add sugar as desired, and your perfectly brewed cup of cappuccino is ready to give the boost you need!

Now that you know how to make cappuccino, just get brewing. Make sure that the machine you buy is faultless and fits your requirements. At Kaapi Machines, we provide coffee machines that suit everyone’s taste buds – we love coffee lovers as much as they love their coffee!