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Good Coffee Makes A Happy Workplace

Good Coffee Makes A Happy Workplace

Great businesses and creative ideas are often brought to life over cups of delicious coffee. If you are a company that takes their beverage selection seriously, our wide range of automatic, robust, and durable coffee machines will cater to all your workforce’s preferences. 

How to Decide which machine suits your requirements? 

  1. Calculate how many cups of coffee your employees consume per day?
  2. How easy it is to maintain and clean the machine?
  3. Does the service support meet my requirements?
  4. Calculate not only the machine but also bean cost.
  5. Check brand credibility and performance history. 

Do you take your beverage selection seriously?

  1. Rs. 5/ cup 
  2. Good Coffee

We only believe in Good Coffee. We bring you high-end, world-class machines that offer a smart coffee experience to your employees. A beverage that is consumed on an average 4 times a day, shouldn’t quality be of utmost importance?

Our Brands


WMF is the leading international manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines based in Germany. WMF machines are IoT enabled next-gen machines to elevate your coffee experience to another level. A built in-app help you to: 

  1. Customize your coffee from the phone seated at your desk
  2. SmartPay through the phone
  3. Tech for Admin to account for cups of coffee dispensed, program recipes, track breakdown or refills

The range –

  1. WMF 1100S – up to 80 cups/day
  2. WMF 1500 S+ – up to 180 cups/day
  3. WMF 5000 S – up to 250 cups/day
  4. WMF 9000 S+ – 350 cups/day

Kalerm –

Kalerm is known for its high-quality espresso coffee. Kalerm has a diverse portfolio that consists of fully automatic coffee machines that are in compact sizes to suit small to medium office spaces. It has a payment and accounting system for the number of coffee cups dispensed. 

  1. Kalerm 95/ 90 L   – up to 80 cups/day
  2. Kalerm 2601 Pro  – up to 50 cups/day

With Kaapi Machines There’s Always More Than Just Coffee Machines:

We promise –

  1. Leading International brands 
  2. Biggest Professionally trained and awarded service team.   
  3. Training and Consulting 

Our Support –

  1. Round the clock service team:

Our service team is professionally trained and strategically stationed across the country to resolve any issue with the machine in less than 24 hours, weekends included. We service using original parts only.                                        

  1. End-to-end coffee solution:

We are your bean to cup partner- we have a resource to fulfill every coffee need.

Brewing Trust–

Fortune 500 companies that are rewarded the best place to work

  • Facebook
  • Co-Works
  • IKEA
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • WeWork
  • Amazon