For Coffee Lovers In Mumbai

Coffee Lovers In Mumbai

Coffee Lovers In Mumbai, Alert!!!

Quite often, one needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and take time for oneself, and what better way to do it than a café with a great cup of coffee.

Mumbai has a lot of such cafés that have been carefully designed to give people a different experience. Sit down for a hearty conversation with a friend, get immersed while reading your favourite book or enjoy an open mic session for a hearty laugh. We bring to you some of the best locations in the city to sit down and sip your cup of good coffee.

Toffee Coffee – Phoenix Market city, Mumbai

Toffee Coffee is known for its freshly Roasted Signature Coffee with Italian Delicacies and Bakery. Toffee Coffee Roasters is a quaint cafe located in Phoenix Market City. They have multiple mouth-watering snacks to help your taste buds. It is a small but cute café, they have amazing varieties of coffee available starting from latte, cappuccino, espresso, mocha and many more which they prepare using Rancilio Classe 5 2 Group and an Anfim Caimano On-Demand grinder.


Kala Ghoda Cafe – Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

A classic café, comprising of 3 sections – a coffee shop, a dining room, and a wine bar. Vegetarian-Friendly café with multiple Vegan Options serving Gluten Free food.

Well known for its organic coffee blend, the café uses a Rancilio Classe 5 2Group and a Mahlkonig EK43 grinder to brew some amazing coffee.


Café Esperano – Naupada, Thane, Mumbai

At Café Esperano – Life begins after a coffee shot. Simply great coffee specially crafted to suit the taste of the habitual coffee drinker! They offer various varieties of coffee such as Indonesian, French and Vietnamese.
They believe that Coffee is an absolute treasure and the best in the world, therefore, they serve only the best premium Coffees for their beloved guests with a Rancilio Classe 5 2Group espresso machine and a Hey Café Titan 1 grinder.


Kalopsia Artisan Coffee – Bandra West, Mumbai

A great coffee place in town for all Mumbaikars alike with cute minimalist decor and an amazing coffee brewing team.
They are experts in brewing some of the finest coffee’s in town with a variety of blends like cold brew, Turkish coffees, Vietnamese coffee and many more!
If you are a coffee enthusiast you should check this place out.
They use a Mahlkonig K30 grinder to extract and add loads of flavour to your cup of joe.

It’s not just limited to coffee; they also serve some great snacks to relish with your coffee.

KC ROASTERS – A Koinonia Project – Khar, Mumbai

Tiny, cute and super Yummy, would be the apt words to describe this Café.

Known for their incredible cuisine, especially their Affogato, they offer the best of delicacies for one to munch on throughout the day.

KC Roasters changed the game by bringing passionate baristas who love what they do! The coffee mixed with yuzu and tonic is brilliant here.

They use a Mahlkonig EK43 grinder to grind their beans to extract great flavours and pour it into your cup, so that you keeping coming back for more!

Do visit the place to experience some amazing coffee and great food.
These cafes will for sure act as a stress buster at the end of a busy workday. Sip on some brilliant coffee and unwind yourself at these wonderful spots in Mumbai city.