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Coffee – A creative juice

Coffee – A creative juice

Here is a mathematical equation that explains the relationship between coffee and productivity.

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Productivity α Creativity
Productivity = Coffee X Creativity, where coffee is constant.


Productivity and creativity are proportional to each other where coffee is constant.

Yes, the question that pops up in our head right now is why is creativity a part of this equation? We like to do things differently. This little act here of being different is most likely to be creative. Often we face a situation of performing a task periodically and working innovatively each time is the challenge. These are the times we have an urge to consume a magical elixir that simulates and gets us more ideas- COFFEE!

The truth here is, there is nothing magical about coffee. Coffee and creativity have a scientific relationship with each other. As Maria Konnikova mentioned in her article “Creative insights and imaginative solutions often occur when we stop working on a particular problem and let our mind move to something unrelated.” Since we usually take a break to sip a cup of coffee, that’s when we let our minds wander.

But does it mean coffee at a work station can hamper productivity? The aroma is so refreshing that it boosts alertness warding off drowsiness. Coffee is a mood enhancer. Although some believe that caffeine blocks one’s Qi, there is no scientific evidence for the same. Coffee is a great initiator in brainstorming sessions, it is an ice-breaker in discussions and a booster when work can get overwhelming.

A lot of the literature on coffee and creativity is on point with our corporate workspaces. We see how a cup of coffee at a cafeteria translates it into a creative workspace and a better ground to elevate thinking.  Our product portfolio is carefully designed on a simple idea to make each cup of coffee count- provide quality coffee without increasing coffee breaks! This curation is based upon three basic parameters of understanding employees, their need for coffee breaks and the best machine that suits their needs.

Great businesses and creative ideas are often brought to life over cups of delicious coffee. If you are a company that takes their beverage selection seriously, our wide range of automatic, robust and durable coffee machines will cater to all your workforce’s preferences. Some corporates that we brew trust are Facebook, Co-works, IKEA, Goldman Sachs, Google, Microsoft, Wework and Amazon. Are you next?