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How to Choose a Good Espresso Grinder?

Needless to say, the goodness of coffee lies in the quality and consistency of the coffee grounds. We all can agree that instant coffee doesn’t have the same aroma as the coffee prepared with freshly processed coffee beans. This is where a good espresso grinder comes handy. It helps in maintaining the texture, aroma, and consistency of espresso, shot after shot.

However, before selecting the perfect grinder for the job it is important to understand that the equipment industry has transformed immensely and the prices depend greatly on the capability, performance, and longevity. It is important to understand the need and importance before selecting the one for your commercial enterprise.

Why is coffee grinder necessary?

As mentioned earlier, pre-ground coffee can never match the aroma of freshly processed beans. Moreover, grinders don’t just ground the coffee beans and provide exceptional shots all day long but also work their magic in maintaining consistency and efficiency in taste and delivery. Last but not least, grinding the coffee before brewing opens up a world of possibilities for the consumers as it offers better control over the taste and variety of the espresso shot.

Choosing the best espresso grinder for the job  

When it comes to offering the best coffee, the competition is tough! And in order to stand out in your neighbourhood, you need to brew a difference in your customer’s life. 

Espresso requires a very fine grind to be brewed perfectly, therefore, needs an exceptional grinder. Here’s a short guide to help you make the right decision when purchasing an espresso grinder for your business.

  • Here are the 3 most important factors to consider before getting an espresso grinder:
  1. Speed
  2. Efficiency
  3. Consistency

Depending on the individual need & preference, the most obvious selection has to be between burr and the blade coffee grinders. Blade grinders are usually a little more pocket-friendly and can be put to good use by small cafes. As the name implies, blade grinders have blades that are used for finely cutting the beans and giving the right texture for the desired coffee.

Burr espresso grinders crush the beans into refined powder, which, in turn, minimizes the unevenness of grinding. Also, Burr grinders offer better control and consistency. 

If you are confused regarding which burr grinder to use, there are two popular variants to consider i.e. conical burr grinders and flat burr grinders.

  • The difference is strictly based on how coffee beans are processed. Both, the flat and conical grinders are engineered to cut coffee into smaller and smaller particles until a very fine powder, ideal for espresso coffee, is produced.
  • However, experienced brewers who prefer setting the grinding levels to the perfect degree usually opt for conical burrs for the job.

Are there other factors to consider before making the purchase?

Although we did talk about the type of grinder to opt for, you can also make the selection based on the grinder material i.e. ceramic or steel. Even though the preferences are entirely relative, it is a known fact that in terms of longevity, ceramic burrs easily triumph over the steel variants.

In addition to this factor, you can also consider the price, hopper size, availability of multiple grind settings, and a few other aesthetic attributes before making the final call.


Coffee is way more than just a stimulating beverage and it doesn’t take a lot to understand that a good cup can help your customer kick-start their day in the best possible manner. This is why getting hold of an impeccable coffee grinder is very important for preparing the perfect brew.