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9000 S+

The fully-automated, high-performance 9000 S+ is ideal for meeting the wide-ranging coffee preferences of large crowds at offices and luxury hotels. With a peak output of 350 cups per hour, an easy-to-use touch display and automatic cleaning system, it boasts quick response, minimum maintenance and a long life.


WMF 9000 S+


Where can a WMF 9000 S+ be placed?

In a gourmet restaurant or a busy station bistro, the breakfast room of a premium hotel or the town bakery. Even with a wide variety of drinks – such as when a tour group needs to be served quickly, the same level of perfection can be found in each delicious espresso.

Can we customise the milk according to one’s preference?

One can customize the milk in the WMF 9000 S+ in various forms:

  • The patented milk system enables four consistencies of hot milk foam and three variations of cold milk foam, as well as hot and cold milk.
  • Manual milk foamer for a great barista feeling. If you want to and are able to, you also have the option to create hot milk and milk foam using the auto steam and easy steam functions as well as use them to heat beverages.
  • Enables the use of two milk types such as normal and low-fat, soya milk or lactose-free milk. The latter guarantees automatic cleaning on changeover, meaning that the designation "low lactose" can be used for beverages.
Is it easy to use WMF 9000 S +?

Yes, it is very easy and convenient to use WMF 9000 S+, as:

  • The new intuitive operating concept: easier to understand, more individual and flexible.
  • The configurable operating interface can be adapted to suit the needs of various user groups. This makes communication with the machine much easier for operating personnel and also for self-service customers. The configuration of the layout and special functions also open up new freedoms
  • Reduces energy consumption during periods of lower utilisation
Are any new flavours added in the WMF 9000 S+?

The WMF 9000 S+ has new flavours incorporated:

  • Dolce-The new chocolate experience.
  • Chocolate preparation redefined: The newly developed Choc mixer by WMF makes handling simpler, runs more quietly and has a longer life.
  • Milky-new flavour compositions. Up to four bean hoppers enable the creation of new flavour and aroma compositions.
Can one make different types of beverages in the WMF 9000 S +?

Yes, one can make both cold and hot beverages using 9000 S+ and upto 350 cups a day.