Drink Brood One Tap

WMF 1300S

Offering a rich menu of professional coffee and chocolate specialities, the WMF 1300 S builds on the success of earlier models with a range of new fea­tures for even greater dependability and serviceability. The option of two coffee grinders lets you offer your customers two different kinds of freshly ground coffee beans for added variety. An ideal automatic coffee machine for small office spaces.

      Key features:

  • Institutive Menu System: The 7” colour touch display is easy to navigate using intuitive gestures like swiping and scrolling. The menus can be adjusted to meet your requirements, for example for self-service or served venues, while the Pre-Select toolbar offers handy options for staff.
  • Drip Tray and Cup Stop: Protection against overfilling is provided by a fill level sensor, and a presence sensor locks the machine if the drip tray is missing. An adjustable cup stop ensures correct cup positioning.
  • Up-to 3 hoppers: To allow you to offer your customers an appealing choice of beverages, the WMF 1300 S comes with the option of up to two bean hoppers plus one powder hopper. Lockable hoppers are available.
  • Height adjustable spout: The beverage spout can be manually adjusted to the ideal height for the cup being used, so beverage temperature remains perfect and unsightly splashes of milk are eliminated.
  • Choc Mixer: The Choc Mixer promises easy handling and maintenance thanks to a magnetic lock that guarantees correct insertion of the mixer bowl. It is protected against damage by an integrated sensor.
  • Manual insert of further coffee type: For greater flexibility, an additional coffee type such as decaffeinated coffee can be dispensed through the manual insert, offering the benefit of even more choice for your customers.


Vitamix XL 270x270
Recommended for an average daily requirement of* up to 120 cups
Nominal output / Power supply

2.0 - 2.4 kW / 220 - 240 V


Cold milk beverages Optional (only with Easy Milk)
Total hot water output / hour 110 cups
Coffee bean hoppers Left and right 650 g, middle 550 g
Powder hopper Approx. 1200 g
External dimensions (width / height** / depth) 325 / 670 / 574 mm
Water supply Water tank (approx. 4 l) or fixed water supply
Empty weight (depending on the model) Approx. 35 kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)*** < 70 dB(A)