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How to test the best automatic coffee machines

How to test the best Automatic Coffee machines

While there is absolutely nothing in this world that can challenge the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the taste profile depends on the coffee machine. When it comes to testing the best coffee machines, take note of its specifications, taste profiles and your budget. However, selecting the best one for the business or home depends on the user preferences and a host of other factors.

In the subsequent sections, we shall take a look at the metrics against which the best automatic coffee machines are evaluated:

Type of coffee beans

For automatic espresso machines, usually, an espresso roast is used. As this coffee can be acidic,  you can experiment with Italian craft coffees, or potentially try lighter coffees. If you choose more sublime, single-origin coffees, pay attention to their processing methods.

(Usually, no one hires a barista to operate an automatic machine) Steel burrs, clear interface, adjustable parameters, including grind parameters are the most important features of a good combine for coffee. Espresso machines from leading brand like Kaapi Machines is an obvious choice. Reliable service facilities and the high quality of the product will ensure long and seamless use.

Bar pressure considerations

When it comes to purchasing potent espresso machines like the ones from Kaapi Machines, it is necessary to take the bar pressure into consideration and opt for devices with a good range. This aspect is necessary as it helps render a decent coating of foam to the espresso which eventually enhances the quality of the coffee. In most cases, anything in the range of 15 to 19 bar is a decent figure to go with.

Brewing chamber

Automatic coffee machines with brass holders should be considered as they have the capability of keeping the coffee warm for longer periods of time. Most importantly, there are a few low-priced models with aluminium holders which can also be considered if the budget isn’t on the higher side.


A coffee machine with a powerful thermoblock should be used for enhancing flavor. Firstly, this instrument allows the water to heat up at a higher temperature i.e. somewhere in the ballpark of 90-degree centigrade. Coffee machine with a powerful thermoblock means that the coffee doesn’t get scalded and the flavors are retained for longer periods of time.


There are quite a few coffee connoisseurs who prefer ground coffee, directly extracted from the coffee beans. While this makes way for intense and richer flavors, not every coffee machine is equipped to handle this demanding requirement. This is why for a more premium customer base it is necessary to include a coffee maker that has a dedicated grinder for processing fully grown coffee beans.


While there are several potent and functional coffee machines in the market, it is always advisable to opt for one that requires minimal to zero maintenance. That said, most coffee machines require attention and for them to perform perfectly, maintenance is an absolute necessity. Therefore, it is important to check for blockages in machines. In espresso machines, the brew head needs to be dismantled and checked frequently for clogs. While there are machines which require frequent servicing from trained technicians, it is advisable to purchase the ones which can be dismantled and cleaned by flushing the head against water. Last but not least, capsule coffee making machines are quite easy to clean but they only require regular washes.

A good automatic coffee machine includes all the metrics mentioned above. Therefore it is necessary to purchase one of the few machines from Kaapi Machines for serving the best possible cup of aromatic coffee to the premium customer base.