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Choosing the Right Commercial Coffee Machine for your Café

Choosing the Right Commercial Coffee Machine for your Café

Every season is a coffee season, considering the inclination of the global populace towards this magical and aromatic beverage. Despite the majority of coffee preparations being out in the open, home brewing isn’t as popular and people still flock cafes and shops continually to experience a great cup of coffee. This is where it becomes all the more important to select the best set of commercial coffee machines for a café as anything less than perfect wouldn’t sell in this hugely competitive market.

Coffee making isn’t a straightforward process as a majority of high-end coffee shops prefer roasting their beans before grinding, brewing, or even blending. This is why it is always advisable to look at the hardware conglomerate and eventually zero in on the best commercial coffee machine that brews and serves flat whites, pour overs, lattes, and almost everything else that the shop promises of.

In the subsequent sections, we shall take a closer look at the four important steps that need to be adhered to, before you can end up with the best commercial coffee machine for your shop.

  • Gauge the Footfall

Before you move onto the more technical aspects, it is necessary to start the search by ascertaining the shop’s footfall. If you are planning or have already set up a coffee shop, you would be having a ballpark of walk-in customers in mind that your staff would be comfortable handling. Depending on the expected volume and working hours, you can finalize the group heads and the boiler size of the machine.

  • Consider Automation

You can either opt for a semi-automatic or a fully-automatic commercial coffee machine, depending on the staff expertise, budget, and the additional set of features. However, if coffee forms the crux of your business, we would suggest going for a fully automatic machine like the K2601 Pro from Kalerm

An out-and-out coffee shop must emphasize the most on consistency, best achieved if the machine comes with programmable features and an intelligent pre-brewing setup. Automated coffee tamping is one of the most desirable features that every high-end coffee shop must look for in a commercial machine, to achieve the perfect balance between shot length, temperature, and milk foaming texture.

  • Check for the Ease of Usage

Although an automatic coffee machine does the majority of heavy lifting, you cannot expect every staff member to be well-trained to handle the most complex switches and hardware tweaks. Therefore, opting for machines with one-touch cleaning and operational usage is strongly advised, provided you want to eliminate any kind of downtime issue.

  • Type of Coffee that is to be Served

If you are only looking to serve espresso at the café, you wouldn’t need to spend a fortune on a more holistic, multi-faceted machine. Then again, for specialty cafes, we would always recommend a multi-purpose machine that can handle long blacks, macchiato, mocha, and cappuccinos with comparable ease.


Final Word

The mentioned steps, if followed in the necessitated order can help you in the search for the best commercial coffee machines. However, if you are still finding it a bit hard to understand the more technical and budget-centric aspects of selecting one, consider heading straight to Kaapi Machines and allow the consultants to help you with the purchase. Kaapi Machines take each of the mentioned aspects, including the expected footfall, boiler size, staff expertise, cleaning intricacies, and the type of clientele you might be targeting, before enlisting coffee machines selection. As per requirements, you can select between the semi-automatic Classe 11 USB Xcelsius and Classe 9 USB, both from Rancilio, targeting bigger setups. And if you are looking for an automatic coffee machine for larger cafes, then WMF 9000 S+ and WMF 5000 S are the perfect choices.  For smaller cafes, there are semi and fully-automated machines from Kalerm to consider.