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Post-Lockdown coffee counter management tips

post covid coffee counter management

While we are gearing up to step out and start a routine, #thenewnormal has set two non-negotiable terms in stone- hygiene and cleanliness. Eateries and social places around the world are coming up with innovative and aesthetical designs to minimize disruption in the experience they offer – plexiglass for people to safely eat and individual greenhouses to keep diners apart. The most frequently used social counter i.e. coffee counter, must be managed with equal hygiene and care.

Usually, a take-away, first cup of coffee needs to be just right and lately, safe. The customers need to be reassured that all measures of protection are taken care of without interrupting their experience. As the barista is the front line of defence here, he needs to meticulously clean, disinfect and serve a good cup of coffee. Here are some pointers for the barista to ensure that all safety needs of the customers are met.

  • Entry point decorum:

While the barista enters the infrastructure, he needs to go through the mandatory temperature check, discard the mask he has been wearing, sanitize his hands and wear a clean mask again. He needs to head straight the coffee counter and sanitize the entire countertop.

  • Manage taking orders:

While customers order their coffee, barista needs to ensure that they do not touch the counter for their safety and stay at 2.5 meters away from each other. Creating coloured blocks will help customers follow this evidently.

  • Disposable cleaning accessories and sanitized coffee cups, tools:

A periodic sanitization of tools and using a warmer to sanitize the cup before making a drink in it can help take disinfection to another level. Disposable wipes instead of microfibre napkins can break the chain of multiple hands using it.

  • Coffee station management:

A well-planned shift rotation and prescribe guidelines during the start and the end of the shift to clean and disinfect can be a life-changer. A hygienic barista with a mask, gloves using clean and sanitized coffee accessories can build the trust of the customer.

  • Cleaning of espresso machine and other coffee equipment’s:

A clean machine ensures that the taste of coffee remains uncompromised. A meticulous cleaning procedure consisting of an everyday deep cleanse, a periodic shift clean and a swift clean after extraction clean can safeguard the machine and prolong the life of it. With equipment of different size and structures, and efficient agent with a thorough technique makes the task easier.

  • Contactless payment:

Creating a digital menu and online payments can ensure quick orders and paperless transactions. This process can restrict the transmission of any kind.