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Love Thy Neighbor

Love They Neighbor


As we are facing the greatest global humanitarian challenge since World War II, various measures to flatten the curve are executed all over the world. They include countries closing their international borders, allocating resources adequately, and strengthening their funds to sustain themselves. In this state of panic, let us look at the silver lining this virus has bought in – local dependency.
Reflecting #vocalforlocal in the Indian coffee industry, we are reaching out to support our local supply chain covering from farmers to roasters and coffee shops. Let us cheer and support our neighbors for all their hard work in bringing us the best amidst crises. Here are some initiatives that we are proposing for our industry’s self-reliance–

1) Local coffee shops around the corner – Every nook and corner of our houses and workspaces, we have that local aromatic coffee shop that we pass each time. Never know, we might have just stumbled upon a hidden gem.

2) Locally sourced beans – Brewing coffee at home is an epicurean experience itself. While we do this, if possible let us responsibly source beans from local roasters.

3) Kaapi over coffee – At times we do enjoy some authentic filter Kaapi over coffee. Check out your kitchen for the ingredients and ask your grandmother for the recipe!

4) Local baristas – While we cheer local coffee, let us show some gratitude and encourage our barista’s for ensuring a world-class coffee easily accessible to you.

5) Coffee and chill – India is an abode for coffee plantations and estates. These estates are enriched with history and they will share our age-old coffee culture with you. Let’s google some exquisite estates for the next vacation.

6) Specialty coffee at home – With homebrewing techniques and equipment, specialty coffee can be crafted right in your kitchen.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light”. – Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The brighter side to this catastrophe is how we learned our strengths and found local solutions for our shortcomings. We, together, can make lives and livelihood sustainable.