Kalerm Coffee Machines – Quick Fixes


With the onset of Covid-19 and Govt. mandate to shut all non-essential operations, we have stopped our services to ensure the safety of our employees.
We want to ensure you have a seamless coffee brewing experience while our team is off the field, we have created a list of quick fixes you can try at your end should you face any issues.

Please follow the steps as explained below-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Quick Fix Sheet


1) My machine is not working

Please ensure if-
a. Power supply, working?
b. MCB/Fuse, connected?
c. Main switch, on?
d. Plug and cable, connected?

2) My machine makes noise while dispensing coffee/hot water

Please ensure if-
a) The machine connected to the tank, fill until the maximum level and ensure a firm connection of the tank with the machine.

3) My coffee is not hot enough

Please ensure if-
a. Milk flow controller, is tight?
b. Ceramic/ Porcelain cups, washed with hot water before pouring coffee?
c. Do manual rinsing
d. The machine is not in idle time, as the brewing chamber will be cold

4) My coffee is extracted drop by drop from the coffee spout

Please follow the below these steps-
a. Re-adjust the grinding wheel to a little coarser state or use a suitable coffee powder.
b. Run the brewing unit washing program.

5) “Error 1 to Error 7” is displayed

Please follow these steps-
a. Restart the coffee machine.
b. If the error persists, switch off the main power and contact customer service at +91-7813820830.

6) My frother is spraying out milk

Please follow these steps-
a. Remove the frother, clean the frother and pipe.
b. Reassemble the milk frother properly.
c. Release the milk flow controller to increase the flow of milk.

7) My machine shows the following errors

Kalerm Table


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