Kalerm 2601 Pro

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Kalerm 2601 Pro

With its compact size, professional-quality coffee preparation methods, and a large choice of beverages, the Kalerm 2601 Pro packs quite a thump and is perfect for small offices, bistros, and hotel lobbies. With a well-designed aesthetic colour scheme, it will fit right in with the décor of your space. Its exceptionally brilliant one-touch display makes coffee preparation a whole lot simpler and easy to use.



Why should one purchase KLM 2601 Pro?

The Kalerm KLM 2601 Pro is an ideal fully automated beans-to-cup machine for homes, cafes, offices and hotels. Its compact size does not compromise the fragrance of coffee brew. The sleek exterior of the Kalerm KLM 2601 Pro, chrome-plated bean container, clear and symmetrical designs will go well with modern office outlook. This will definitely serve as a highly functional accessory to add a sophisticated touch to your home, cafes, hotels and office. Recommended serving cups per day is 60 cups.

How much space will this automatic coffee machine acquire?

The dimension of the Kalerm KLM 2601 Pro coffee machine is 370x302x450 mm (L*W*H)

Is the Kalerm KLM 2601 Pro easy to clean?

It is very easy to clean the Kalerm KLM 2601 Pro as:
• KLM 2601 Pro is designed to be highly functional, and easy to be cared for.
• Built-in with one touch cleaning function, it is highly user friendly.
• The cleaning and maintenance programmes require little effort to maintain.
• KLM 2601 Pro notification technology will prompt a cleaning message to ensure the hygiene of the machine.

What is the warranty of this automatic coffee machine?

The Kalerm KLM 2601Pro automatic coffee machine’s warranty is for 1 year.