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How to make Coffee Art Like a Barista?

How to make Coffee Art Like a Barista

As a coffee connoisseur or even an aspiring barista, coffee art is one of the more relevant coffee-making approaches, best known for its aesthetic value. While a freshly made, warm, and alluring coffee art is often tailored as per the preferences. And to enhance the symmetry of the cup, it does play a pivotal role in enhancing the taste of the concerned cup. Coffee art, made using fresh cream or whole milk takes the bitterness out of the quotient and makes the beverage pleasing to your taste buds.

However, coffee art does require extensive levels of training or relevant hands-on experience to be precise. As a barista owner, you can train your staff and ensure that they become coffee art pros, right before the first cup is even served. Not just that, you can even consider relying on something known as the Ripplemaker for giving a new feel to the specialty café offerings.

How to Prep for the Same?

In case you are pretty sure about making coffee art, it is time to understand quite a fair bit regarding the temperature, quality of milk, and even the slowness of approach to get the perfect shape and design in place. While the temperature of 140-degree Fahrenheit is reliable enough in case you are using the full cream milk, you must also ensure a bubble-free concoction to add depth to the overall art.

As a rule of thumb, it is necessary to ensure that the texture isn’t way too thin or thick and must resemble something like molten ice-cream. Moreover, every arrangement isn’t going to suffice, provided you are serious about the inclusion of coffee art. In most cases, you would require a cup, jug, an optional art tool, and certainly coffee sprinkles to go with the same.

How to Perfect the Art?

Once you have the simmering pot of cream or milk ready, you need to align the same perfectly for creating the desired design. For starters, holding the pot requires precision, especially when it comes to pouring the steaming milk over coffee at the correct angle and speed.

In case, you are going for the ‘Heart’, a 45-degree pitcher angle is expected to work wonders. Similarly, for the Rosetta, you need to be wary of the tilt, starting point, and the area to explore.

Once you start gaining experience, you can even include chocolate syrup in the designs for etching spirals, bears, and whatnot.

The Role of a Ripplemaker!!

In case you want to ditch manual intervention for autonomy, the Ripple Maker is a handy appliance to invest in. However, we would recommend the same only if you are planning to set up a specialty café with a decent chunk of investment dedicated to coffee and café aesthetics.

To simplify things further, a Ripple Maker is more of a printing machine for coffee with the focus on projecting relevant images, as per the desired rules and standards of coffee art. With the simple Ripples app, customers can even create their designs, including selfies, which can be printed on the beverage using premium, natural ingredients. Once you have this machine in the room, it becomes easier to offer the daily dose of delight to customers by ditching all the manual work that concerns heating, pouring, and strategizing designs.

Turning Each Cup into an Extraordinary Experience!!!

As mentioned, coffee art lends the much-needed heft to your commercial endeavors, especially when you are considering setting up a specialty, high-end shop with a diverse array of blends, brews, and lattes to offer. While the Ripple Maker can always come handy, in case you have the budget to bring it in, manual techniques to make coffee art is still the most sought-after technique, best executed by professionals or even skillfully trained newbies.

Most importantly, the techniques related to pouring, wiggling, and heating aren’t all that difficult to learn and can also be incorporated by you during private, homebound affairs, just to offer extraordinary coffee-drinking experiences to the guests.

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